Weleda - Evening Primrose Collection

Research shows that humans are living longer lives, and that’s why we here at The Amazing Blog have made sure to keep you informed on the latest anti-ageing products! We all want to age as gracefully as we can, and keep our skin looking youthful as we do. The new Weleda Evening Primrose collection has routines to keep both your face and body looking healthy.

The collection is organic and 100% natural, which is not always the case with anti-ageing products. We don't like putting loads of chemicals on our faces or on our bodies, and we don't think our readers like that very much either. We believe that the more simple the ingredients list, the better the product. 

Evening Primrose is the absolute star of this line. The oil from the seeds retains moisture in the skin and removes rough patches, which keeps skin looking supple and moisturised. It also promotes cell growth and regeneration, making it the perfect anti-ageing combatant. The fragrance also incorporates notes of magnolia, cardamom and sandalwood to put your mind and body at ease.

The Evening Primrose Facial Collection includes Age Revitalising Day Cream, Age Revitalising Night Cream and Age Revitalising Eye and Lip Cream all for around £24 which can be bought here.

The Evening Primrose Body Collection includes Age Revitalising Body Lotion for £21.95, Age Revitalising Body Oil for £21.95, Age Revitalising Body Wash for £8.95 and Age Revitalising Hand Cream for £11.95. All of which can be bought here as well.