NAÏF – Baby Travel Kit

With the arrival of the Royal Baby a couple of weeks ago, it seems like the whole world (us included) has gone a bit baby mad! With an influx of baby friendly products sure to arrive on the UK market hoping to help Kate with her second babe, we here at The Amazing Blog have been on the look out for the crème de la crème of baby skincare. Dutch brand, NAÏF, offer a wonderful range of natural toddler treats fit for a king (or future queen). Their Baby Travel Kit offers miniatures of their most loved products, perfect for looking after your own little prince or princess.

Packaged in a sweet and environmentally friendly paper zip-up bag, the Baby Travel Kit comes with everything you need to comfort your little one whilst out and about. Adorned with cute little doodles, the kit consists of four travel sized baby products; Diaper Cream, Cleansing Wash Gel, Nurturing Cream and Softening Body Lotion, as well as a handy dummy cloth. With all of the products containing Natural Cottonseed Oil, as well as being hypo-allergenic and free from parabens, they’re perfect for nourishing your baby’s skin. Of course we couldn’t resist trying the products on our adult skin too. Our favourite is the Nurturing Cream. Packed with soothing Sweet Almond Oil and conditioning Avocado Oil, it really did make our skin feel baby soft, and left us wondering why we hadn’t tried out baby products on our own skin before.

Help your little cherub to feel like royalty with the NAÏF Baby Travel Kit. Pop over to their website and pick it up for £12.

Black Chicken Remedies- Travel Skin Care Kit and Starter

Here at The Amazing Blog we love products that put back into our skin what life takes out of it. Black Chicken Remedies  Travel Skin Care Kit and Starter encapsulates this philosophy and creates products that make you look better and feel better.

Black Chicken Remedies gets its name from Black Chicken, renowned for her healing powers and ability to transform her appearance at will. People came to her for comfort, for salves, for oils, for creams and for cures. Although Black Chicken is a legend, there’s no myth of the remedies afforded by practical and specific application of100% essential oils and that is why Black Chicken Remedies uses essential oils in all of its products.

The Travel Skin Care Kit and Starter contains Cleanse My Face, Love Your Body Oil, Love Your Face Serum, Balm of Ages, Axilla Deodorant Paste and Complexion Polish.

It’s perfect if you just want to sample the products and see if you like them. Plus, they are travel size so you never have to worry about messing up your skincare regimen.

With these products, my face cleared up the very next day, thanks to the cleanser and serum. I didn’t even need to put on concealer to cover up my pimples because they were practically gone! I also have a very oily skin tone and it doesn't leave my face feeling oily at all. I even tried the deodorant and liked it, and since I have had the hardest time finding a deodorant that actually lasts all day, I was impressed that this one stayed on for almost the entire day. 

Trust that Black Chicken will take care of your skin and purchase the starter kit here for $49.97. 

Carlee's Christmas Wish List


I can't believe it's already Christmas Eve! Christmas is my favourite time of the year, especially because I love getting the opportunity to spoil my friends and family with gifts. Of course, I have a Christmas wish list of my own, and I'm hoping to see these gifts under the Christmas Tree tomorrow morning!

Depending on what time I fall asleep, waking up in the morning can be a major struggle. I just don’t have the energy (or the time if I snooze my alarm) to properly get ready. That’s where The Library of Fragrance Pure Soap comes into play. The company creates fragrances inspired by life, capturing over 300 scents that surround us every day. What better way to celebrate Christmas than to celebrate the under-appreciated sense of Ivory soap! Let me tell you, this perfume will come in handy. Whether you spray it as you quickly head out the door or in the bathroom at work, the Pure Soap fragrance will provide you with a fresh-from-the-shower scent anytime and anywhere. If you’re always in a hurry like I am or just too lazy like I also am, this might just be the best way to freshen up your day. You can buy a bottle of Pure Soap here at £15.00 for 30 ml.

After a very unfortunate incident at the airport, I lost my all-time favourite moisturiser. For years, I could never pin down the perfect product. No matter what I tried, my face, within a matter of 2 hours, would produce enough oil to fill a bottle. Somehow, I managed to stumble upon Clinique’s Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. I have worshipped this product ever since. The light cream sinks right into my skin and provides it with hydration all day long. The oil on my face was finally under control and it even helped with my acne. It’s crazy, but I feel so much happier when I use it because I know that it’s the only product that has had perfect results on my face. I cannot wait to receive this for Christmas. It will make my morning and night so much better! You can be just as happy by purchasing the moisturiser here at £34.00 for 50ml.  

I have to have lip gloss on me at all times; otherwise, I panic. As soon as my lips begin to feel dry, I have to moisturise. Even if they don't feel dry, I still have to touch-up my lips. Some might even call it an addiction. Any way, when I heard about Heathcote & Ivory’s new Secret Paradise collection, I knew I had to try something. As soon as I laid my eyes on the Secret Paradise Lip Gloss Tin, I had to put it on my Christmas list. It contains beeswax, which soothes and softens your lips. Not only is it peach flavoured (one of my favourite fruits), but it comes in the most adorable heart-shaped tin. The delicate heart features Madagascan violets and lilies and cute little hummingbirds. With this lip gloss, I will no longer be just a lip gloss freak. I’ll be a lip gloss freak with style. If you share my addiction, you can purchase the Secret Paradise Lip Gloss tin here at £4.00 for 14g.  

If I die, it will be death by chocolate. I can't live without it. If I was stranded on an island with nothing else but chocolate, that would be okay.

Since chocolate is part of my daily food intake, I had to find the perfect balance, which is why I love indulging in Doisy & Dam chocolate. Not only is it delicious, but it's healthy for you too! Each 74% chocolate bar is packed with delicious, health-giving superfoods. Each superfood ingredient brings high levels of vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein and Omega 3. The cholesterol-lowering and antioxidant properties of the dark chocolate almost make these bars guilt-free! There are currently four products in the range and I just love the Mulberries, Chia Seeds & Spirulina chocolate bar. After devouring it within minutes, I knew I would want more for the holidays.

For all of you chocoholics out there, Doisy & Dam chocolate bars are available in 40g (RRP £1.65) and 100g (RRP £3.99) and they are available from the website and selected retailers including Ocado, Whole Foods and Planet Organic.

I hope all of you lovely readers have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your gifts! 

Sarah's Christmas Wish List

It’s the most wonderful time of the year here at The Amazing Blog and I for one am having a fantastic time putting together Christmas lists for myself and my loved ones. Aside from the mouth watering food, gift giving is my favourite part of the holiday season. I love the feeling that finding the perfect present brings, and the excitement of handing it over to be opened on Christmas Day! With this in mind, here’s my list of the best gifts for friends and family this Christmas.

As soon as I set eyes on Nanshy's beautiful make-up brush collection, they shot straight to the top of my Christmas list. My particular favourite was the Large Shader Brush. Densly packed bristles make it easy to pile on the pigment, giving the power to create effortless shadow looks. I’m a huge fan of a smoky eye, so I praise any tool that will make the job easier. The PETA approved brushes have super soft synthetic bristles that feel like heaven on your skin!  The brushes are available to buy here, along with the rest of the wonderful brush range, with the shader brush costing £5.95. They would make the perfect gift for any make-up lover this Christmas.


If make-up isn’t your cup of tea, then maybe skincare will be at the top of your list. Sensational skincare brand Spiezia Organics has a great range of products, and I think that skincare fanatics would be super pleased to see their Body Softening Oil tucked under the Christmas tree. The beautiful blend of almond oil, Mandarin and Geranium essential oils is certainly a great way to maintain velvety, glowing skin come Christmas Day. Spiezia Organics also recommends this as a massage oil, perfect for relaxing over the holiday break! You can buy the oil here for £23.95.

MF a Beautiful Body (2).jpg

Less about under the Christmas tree, and more about the beauty buys amongst its branches. I love the recent trend for tree trinkets from well known beauty brands. Decorating your tree with all manner of beauty products seems like a wonderful idea to me, with the added bonus of a few little treats when it’s time for the tree to come down! As fragrance is always a fail-safe gift, one of my favourite decorative presents this year is this adorable selection of perfumes from Ted Baker. The collection of mini fragrances includes 960, W, Woman and K20. All the beautiful scents look delightful on the tree, and are great for popping in your handbag for freshening up on the go once Christmas is over. The Hanging Treats are available to buy here for £23.

tED BAKER smaller.jpg

Of course, chocolate is always a welcome treat come Christmas time, and The Chicken Shed offer a scrumptious range of raw chocolate treats, the perfect snack to peck at during the season of overindulgence. Organic, and with no added sugar (it’s sweetened with raw forest honey), it’s a healthy alternative to your Cadbury’s morsels, taking away a little of the Christmas guilt! The flavour we really loved was Persian Blue Salt; the perfect blend of sweet and salty, but I’d be delighted if the Double Orange flavour turned up in my Christmas stocking. You can buy the bars here for £3.25, or from their high street stockists here.   


Lara's Christmas Wish List

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re still sorting out your Christmas shopping, fear not, as I have a few suggestions sure to please over the festive season. From perfume to chocolate, we here at The Amazing Blog have a few ideas for everyone.

Perfume is such a thoughtful gift for friends or family, and I really love those fresh, universal scents that suit any personality. One that I’d be thrilled to see in my stocking is St Kitts Herbery’s new Bergamot Perfume. The musky scent contains base notes of patchouli and amber, as well as orange and, of course, bergamot. The beautiful fragrance actually makes a great unisex aroma, one that I’d happily gift to someone special, whether male or female. The perfume is available to buy here for £24.95.

It’s also the time of year to immerse yourself in gift sets, and Korres offer some great selections. In particular, their Wild Rose Brightening Collection is a great introduction to the brand, and a wonderful present for any budding skincare enthusiasts. Consisting of the brand’s signature Wild Rose 24H Moisturising & Brightening Cream, and the new Wild Rose Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial, this limited edition set smells divine, and is great for keeping your face moisturised during the colder months. The set is available to buy here for only £10, making it a fantastic stocking filler.

Of course, everyone loves tasty treats, and InSpiral have just the thing to keep your friends and family happy this Christmas. Their Goji & Purple Corn Raw Superfood Truffles are absolutely delicious, with their melt in the mouth texture being just like a decadent chocolate brownie, only with a lot more health benefits. The raw vegan treats contain cashews and are coated in wonderful coconut flakes, ideal for sharing with your loved ones, although I found it difficult not to eat the lot myself! You can buy them in packs of 4 here for £3.95. We only wish they came in a bigger size!

There's nothing better than curling up and keeping warm after a long day. And Christmas is the perfect time to sit around family and friends, sipping on a hot drink or two. The East India Company offer a wonderful selection of winter beverages, perfect for buying to share this Christmas, or for gifting to someone who loves a good cuppa. The brand offers a wide selection of Christmas drinks, including Spiced Chai Drinking Chocolate and Christmas Tea. My personal favourite was Christmas Coffee; a delicious blend of hazelnut, chocolate and cinnamon, I'd be happy to sip on this seasonal delight all year round. The Christmas Coffee is available to buy here for £12.95, as well as the rest of the brand's festive infusions.

Hopefully, you'll find something to suit all in this festive gift guide. Happy shopping, and Merry Christmas.