Divine Herbal - Facial Treatment Serum

As the colder months are slowly creeping up on us, here at The Amazing Blog, we are beginning to retire our light summer moisturisers, and the search is now on for rich, hydrating products to keep that dreaded dry skin at bay. So when natural skincare brand, Divine Herbal got in touch, we thought that their Facial Treatment Serum would be just the thing we were looking for.

A British born company, Divine Herbal strive to create botanical based, chemical free products, using a range of plant oils and extracts. Ever a fan of all things natural, we couldn’t wait to try out the intense serum, which claims to ‘correct pigmentation, dark circles and uneven skin tone.’ Although we don't think we've used it for long enough to support these lofty claims, we can certainly speak for its hydrating and nourishing abilities. After smoothing a couple of drops onto our face and neck in the evening, as per the instructions, we felt our tired skin breathe a sigh of relief as it drank in the nurturing oil. We definitely agree with Divine Herbal’s evening oil prognosis, as this is not an oil that absorbs quickly into the skin. Usually not a quality we value in our products, as a treatment serum, we were happy to leave it overnight to work its oily magic. A potent combination of Rosehip Seed Oil, Hazelnut Oil and Grapeseed Oil, among other naturally derived ingredients, it left us with an enviable complexion, allowing us to greet the day with a radiant, silky and supple visage.

If you’re looking to revive your skin in a natural caring way, the Divine Herbal Facial Treatment Serum is available here for £22.99.

Premae Skincare - Mattifying Mousse Foundation

Although the warm summer evenings are coming to an end we at The Amazing Blog have a common enemy and that enemy is the shiny forehead! Thanks to Premae Skincare sending us a sample of their lovely Mattifying Mousse Foundation our mutual enemy has been slain.

The MM Foundation is among the first mango based foundations to arrive on the market. This whipped foundation is not only gluten and paraben free but it is also filled with other healthy ingredients such as rose, lavender, and jojoba. This blended foundation is good for the skin and smells very sweet. We loved the ease with which this foundation blended and the possibility of buildable coverage. MM Foundation comes in an array of 16 shades, so you are sure to find the right colour for your skin. From Ebony to Ivory, Premae has a shade that will match all of our beautiful and unique skin tones. Unlike some other cream foundations the Premae version felt light as air on the skin and we were happy to know that it has antioxidants, phyto-nutrients, and anti-ageing properties. The 2 in 1 crème to powder formula allows for the foundation to be applied very quickly and efficiently without the need to set your face after application, which can save precious moments in the morning when we are rushing around. Here’s to saving a couple of minutes on our morning routine with Premae MM Foundations!

This unique foundation is packed with goodness and even has the benefit of being free from nuts, petrochemicals and SLS. Check out Premae Mattifying Mousse Foundation here for £29 or head over to their new store in Whiteleys.