Sapooni - Salty Seaweed Body Polish

Here at The Amazing Blog, we’re all about championing smaller, artisan brands. It seems as though the skincare market is so saturated with companies claiming to be perfectly organic, or promising unbelievable results that they just can’t deliver. So we’re always delighted when we find a diamond in the rough; an independent brand that shines through. Our most recent love is Sapooni, a natural, handmade brand from Cornwall.

With a huge range of products to choose from, there really is something for everyone in the range. The Mucky Men collection contains all natural products, formulated especially for men who work outside. The range includes a Moustache & Beard Balm, and Hand Cream to name but a few, and all contain the most nourishing ingredients, perfect for caring for your skin. They have also formulated an aptly named Teenage Dirtbag range, which is perfect for teens prone to blackheads and breakouts. Their Teenage Dirtbag Soap is formulated to draw out excess oil and dirt, as well as including natural antiseptics, tea tree and arnica. It’s super gentle, so you can use it daily to help combat those pesky spots.

Last but not least, we tried some wonderful products from Sapooni’s Seaweed Range, and fell in love. Packed with minerals and vitamins, seaweed is an amazing skin detoxer. We particularly liked the Salty Seaweed Body Polish. Clearly packaged with care, the elegant glass jar looks great on the bathroom shelf. Sea Salt acts as a great exfoliating base, and is combined with intensely moisturising components like Mango Butter, Olive and Sweet Almond Oil, making it such a decadent treat for your skin. And with seaweed that’s hand-harvested from the Cornish coast, we can’t help but think about our wonderful jaunts to the seaside every time we use it.

Grab yourself a Salty Seaweed Body Polish Kilner Jar here for £18, and check out all of the homegrown products that Sapooni has to offer here.


ZEOS For Men - Urban Living QU3 Skincare Regime

The daily stresses of urban living can take their toll on your skin, so it's essential to treat it well to keep it looking healthy. Here at The Amazing Blog, the men in the office believe that a good grooming regime will kick start your day. With ZEOS For Men Urban Living QU3 Skincare Regime we can keep ourselves looking fresh, no matter how hard we're working.

The ZEOS range consists of four products to help the skin feel smooth and replenished. Using natural ingredients to help clean deep into the pores, the Face Wash will definitely give you a clean and fresh appearance. The Hair and Body Shower Gel kills two birds with one stone, removing the excess dirt and odour from your skin and hair, leaving you feeling refreshed and energised for the day ahead. The range also includes a Face Scrub which gently exfoliates and restores your skin, helping to lift those pesky dead skin cells which often make you look a little tired. Our favourite from the range, however, is the Face and Body Moisturiser. Enriched with Shea Butter, it adds the perfect finishing touch to your morning routine, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple all day. What's more, the range contains natural Vitamin B5 which helps to keep the skin feeling hydrated, and feeling brand new.

Try out ZEOS For Men Urban Living QU3 Skincare Regime, and knock the effects of city living on the head. Visit their website and grab the Face and Body Moisturiser for £8.95, the Face Scrub for £7.95, the Face Wash for £7.95, and the Hair and Body Shower Gel for £4.95.

Martha Hill – Four Steps Skincare Routine

A regular daily skincare routine is essential for our complexions. Today at The Amazing Blog we will show you how to make it simple and almost perfect with these Martha Hill products. They’re all made with natural ingredients which complement one another. If you like cruelty free and natural, then these will be for you. Martha Hill created this simple four steps routine which will help to protect the skin from the moment of waking until bedtime.

The first step is the Essential Cream Cleanser a fragrance free lotion, which is light in texture but penetrates deeply into the skin's dermis removing even the smallest trace of make up. It is great for both a morning and night time cleanse routine, it also helps eliminate impurities. Once the skin is cleansed you’re ready for the Essential Gel Toner. Did you know that an extreme cleanse can deprive the skin from the natural oil that guarantees hydration? Well this very gentle gel toner, with its rosewater and cucumber ingredients feel fresh and revitalising without striping the skin of its natural oils, it also minimises pores and imperfections. Next step is the Day Cream, this restores and boosts the skins radiance with its moisturising properties of avocado and aloe vera. The forth and final step is their Overnight Cream, this repairs and plumps up all fine lines with its ingredients such as cocoa butter and beeswax replenishing the nutrients in the skin whilst you sleep.  With these four essential skincare steps you not only wake up looking radiant but are also ready to take on the day!

These four steps for a healthier and more beautiful skin are available here at the special price of £24.35


Vivderma – Facial Oil and Sculpting Neck & Chest Cream

It is not a secret that our face is our business card and here at The Amazing Blog we know how to take care of it, together with Vivderma specific products.

After a certain age, in particular, all we ask for are visible results that last longer than a day. And with Perfecting Facial Oil it won’t be a dream but something tangible that everybody around you will notice.
The first benefit we have noticed is that our collection of skincare products has strongly improved; no more countless serum, day cream, night mask. This oil does all the job alone counting only on its remarkable ingredients, leaving the skin plumped and not oily at all. Some of us are still admiring the effects in the mirror; taking advantage of argan oil, bioretinol and Vitamin E, the oil really improves face brightness and skin tone! Beside Vivderma used only natural scents like petitgrain and palmarosa to create an iconic fragrance that will gently blend in to the skin.

The Sculpting Neck and Chest Cream contains Dermahealth Biomimetic Skin Complex which is a specific formula that along with exclusive ingredients as Revinage™, Bimiol BSC®033  and Vitamin C, acts fast against the signs of aging and helps neck and chest regaining the elasticity they had once.
There is no catch and it is not something from another world; it is pure science and love for excellent products. Launching this cream, we think Vivderma gave us a real opportunity to love our skin more than usual. What impressed us the most is the consistency, very smooth and not too rich or thick. More than anything we like the feeling of an emulsion that slowly turns into a serum very fresh and light. In our opinion it’s pretty perfect for every skin type.

As we did, you will fall in love with the packaging. Elegant dark purple bottles that will look great on your vanity table.  The Facial Oil can be bought here for £65 and the Sculpting Neck & Chest Cream here for £45.

Friday Favourites- Skincare

Here at The Amazing Blog, we believe skincare shouldn’t revolve just around the face, it is equally important to take care of our whole body. We have selected a few of our favourite skincare products from PHB Ethical Beauty, Mimi’s, JustBe Botanicals, and Pura Vida to keep us in tip top shape.

Firstly, PHB Ethical Beauty have introduced an effective yet gentle organic face wash. The Rosehip & Chamomile Gentle Face Wash is ideal for anyone that finds their skin sensitive. This family run brand is committed to natural and organic products, we can finally have confidence that our skin will not react badly. The clear face wash has a smooth and cooling texture, after washing away with water your skin is left feeling soft and refreshed. We loved that it didn’t strip the moisture from our face, the use of natural essential oils ensured our skin was protected and hydrated. If you’re sick of suffering with sensitive skin, put a stop to it with this gentle face, available here for £9.06.

Mimi’s Organic Skincare has catered for all with ranges specified to both men and women. From the women’s range we had the opportunity to try the indulgent Night Revitaliser and Repair Serum. The Night Revitaliser Cream is a rich and creamy mixture of oils and butters that protect and nourish whilst you sleep. Only a small amount is needed but we were astounded by how clean and hydrated our skin felt. The liquid Repair Serum is extremely moisturising, best results come from taking the time to massage into the skin. We found that after just a few uses our skin felt firmer.

From the men’s range we received the Aftershave Blend and Face Balm, both of which had a clean and refreshing scent. The face balm came in a thick and creamy form to provide an intense moisture for tired/dry skin. While the Aftershave Blend felt more like a liquid serum, the mixture of essential oils and Vitamin E are designed to intensely nourish and protect the skin. Perfect for men who’s skin undergoes daily trauma whilst shaving. If you, or the men in your life, want a totally natural and organic range of skincare, get your own Night Revitaliser and Repair serum here for £20.00 and £22.00. Or get the Aftershave Blend and Face Balm here for £14.13 and £15.00.

JustBe Botanicals have launched a bright and fragrant JustBe Happy Hand & Body Set, equipped with a lotion and wash. Both are lovingly handmade using totally natural ingredients, no need to worry about harmful chemicals on your body. We love that this set works for both hands and body, with the most gorgeous citrus scent. The blend of uplifting pink grapefruit, lime and coconut oil in the wash leaves skin cleansed and bursting with happiness. The lotion has an addition of creamy shea butter and soothing aloe vera, a perfect companion as it locks in hydration. We loved it for our manicured hands, it kept our cuticles soft and our skin radiant. Keep your skin as happy as can be with the JustBe Happy Set, available here for £25.00

Now we have our skin well hydrated and nourished, it’s important to get rid of any unwanted dead skin. The Pura Vida Coconut Coffee scrub is the answer! The scrub is full of natural and organic Costa Rican ingredients, including rich coconut oil to prevent the scrub from drying the skin. Only needed once a week, this effective but gentle scrub gives the skin a brightening effect whilst keeping it soft and supple. The combination of ingredients work together to stimulate the body, believe it or not it has to ability to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. This is a simple and easy addition to your shower routine and we loved how fragrant the coffee scent was in a warm shower,  our skin was left beautifully smooth. If you want to try out your own Coffee Coconut Scrub, they are available here for £12.