Kiss The Moon - Dream after Dark Balm

At The Amazing Blog we find it hard to turn off our working minds and get a good night sleep. We always seem to wake groggy and reluctant for the day ahead.  We have tried everything and nothing has helped us achieve our beauty sleep, that was before we found Dream After Dark Balm from Kiss The Moon.

Forget pills and infusions of weird and unpronounceable herbs, all you need to relax your senses and finally get the fairy-tale sleep is this little black jar.
The balm contains a mix of oils blended with shea butter which gives it a smooth and creamy texture; gently rub it onto your temples and wrists to activate the calming effect of lavender, bergamot, roman camomile and cedarwood .
We couldn’t help and had to try it, even if it was in the morning! How to describe the feeling of the peace and relaxation we felt afterwards?
We didn’t fall asleep but the balm increased our productivity, because when your mind is relaxed everything comes naturally and easy. Having a little sniff now and then at our wrists, it only helped us to pull out amazing ideas; it smells so good and we think its great power comes from its natural ingredients.
If you’d like to extend the After Dark Sleep balm effects bring it with you everywhere as it comes in a practical 12ml size, or get the bath oil from the same range.

The balm is available at £16 here where you can have a look at the entire collection. Be a Sleeping Beauty for once and cuddle yourself with the best night sleep you’ve ever had.




Here at the Amazing Blog we are always in search of something just a little different… and we were interested to find Carishea, A natural skin and Body Care Company that ‘gives back.’ Part of Trade Right International, the Carishea brand was started in 2011 with two main aims: taking care of your body and helping the people who are behind the brand producing the products.

They produce three different ranges which are Shea Scot, Shea Joy and Shea Spice. The 100% natural body care range consists of Body scrubs, lip balms, soaps and Body Butter which are aromatherapy based. These products are sourced by Ghanaian women who harvest shea nuts to produce unrefined shea butter. Everything is then shipped back to their factory in Scotland where it is then handmade by their workers who are recruited from disadvantaged local communities. What we really like is that this brand gives a minimum of 50% profits which goes into a development programme for the communities in Ghana as well as Scotland.

Our favourite range was the Shea Joy which has a lovely hint of rose and bergamot. Combined with natural ingredients of Shea Butter and Lemon Grass, this range uplifts and rejuvenates your body in prep for the winter weather, as well as being the perfect present this Christmas.

Treat yourself or a loved one and click here to shop all the ranges and help give something back. All are at a very reasonable price ranging from £5 to £12.50.

Korres - Wild Rose CC Cream

There are often days that we don’t want to wear a full face of make-up, yet we still want radiant, even skin. Here at The Amazing Blog we have found the perfect product to make this possible, the Korres Wild Rose CC Cream, a naturally formulated tinted moisturiser with colour correction and sun protection.

The cream can be applied either with fingers, a brush, or a damp sponge to give even coverage, and is easily buildable with an extra coat. This CC cream provides the benefits of a skincare product as it's packed with a multitude of natural ingredients, all of which reduce imperfections, hydrate and protect the skin. It also has the added bonus of SPF 30, which is just important at this time of year as it is at any other. Carob Tree extract and Wild Rose work to soothe and smooth fine lines/skin discolouration, and light-reflecting pearls give the skin a beautiful luminosity when applied. What's more, the rose pink undertones in the cream act as a colour corrector to even out skin tone and brighten the complexion. We found the medium shade had a decent amount of coverage, imperfections were blurred and our skin appeared much brighter. The rosy tones do mean that the two available shades may not work for every skin tone, but if the colours are right for you, this is an amazing product for giving your skin a winter glow.

Look after your skin and perfect your complexion by getting your CC cream here for £26.

Living Nature - Sensitive Skin Range

Unsurprisingly, in today's modern world, around 50% of women suffer from sensitive skin, whether caused by diet, hormones or other external elements. Here at The Amazing Blog, we have searched for a gentle skincare product to save us from skin irritation, redness and blotchiness. We're pleased to report that Living Nature have come to our rescue with their range of Sensitive Skincare

Of the range's four products, our favourite was the Sensitive Night Moisture. Fragrance and allergen free, it's clinically proven to help soothe sensitive skin. The gentle moisturiser contains Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Harakeke Flax Extract and Avocado Oil, all of which help to provide deep overnight nourishment and cell renewal, without being too harsh on the skin. The cream is perfectly PH balanced and works with your Sensitive Hydrating Toner to nurture and soothe. After a few uses, we noticed our skin no longer looked so blotchy after cleansing, and there was certainly less of that horrible tight feeling. When applying the rich cream, our skin felt instantly gratified, and it simply melted into our visage with ease, noticeably restoring hydration and elasticity. We often find so-called ‘sensitive’ products end up irritating our complexions, but Living Nature has restored our faith.

Don’t suffer with skin sensitivity; get your own Night Moisture here for £26.50, and check out the rest of the Sensitive Skin range here.

PHB Ethical Beauty - Skin Brighten Gel

Here at The Amazing Blog we feel at our best when our skin is bright and radiant, and it often seems like the only way to achieve this is after a trip to the salon. We understand that for most people this just isn’t feasible. Plus, let’s be honest, we want beautiful radiant skin at all times! However, we believe we’ve found a product up to the job - PHB Ethical Beauty's handmade Skin Brighten Gel for face and body.

The gel is specially formulated with Neroli, Licorice and Immortelle to give us brighter looking and even skin. Neroli is rich in Vitamin C, which helps to reduce darks spots and discolouration. Immortelle is fantastic for its regenerative properties, and encourages clear and radiant skin. Last but not least, Licorice is a wonderful anti-inflammatory, so it helps to soothe and even the skin tone. It's evident that each natural ingredient is sourced with real thought and care, and the combination of all the ingredients works to target specific areas of the skin, making it a real powerhouse product.

We definitely feel this is a multipurpose product that everyone should have in their skincare collection. The gel has a jelly-like consistency, and a little of this product goes a long way. It has the most beautiful floral scent that melts into the skin, with no sticky residue, and will leave your skin feeling super soft to the touch. What's more, once soaked in, it gives the skin a subtle sheen that acts as a stunning natural highlight.

If you want the kind of skin radiance that dreams are made of, get your gel here for £13.75.