BEE Good - Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator

Radiant skin is something everyone wants, but not everyone can get. Here at The Amazing Blog, we are one step closer to the skin of our dreams thanks to BEE Good’s Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator. Exfoliators are an essential component in our skincare routine; they remove dirt, dead skin and leave the skin feeling as smooth as silk. BEE Good have gone a step further to create an exfoliator specifically targeted at improving skin’s radiance. It's perfect if we want to keep our summer glow going into winter.

This creamy facial treatment is packed with an array of hard-working British ingredients. British Wild Flower Honey is sourced from suppliers and beekeepers within the UK, then combined with British Beeswax, Camelina Oil, Propolis Extract and Lavender. Honey and Camelina deeply moisturise the skin, meanwhile the lavender gently exfoliates. The addition of Wheatgerm Oil adds a boost of hydration for particularly dry skin as well as working as a soothing agent. It's positively brimming with fantastic British ingredients, with a heavenly scent which certainly reminds us of the English countryside. Massaged into the skin after cleansing a couple of times a week, it left our skin feeling wonderfully soft, and not at all tight or stripped of hydration. At the same time, we are helping to support a rural tradition at the heart of the Britain. It's certainly a winner all round for us. 

If you want to try an essentially British exfoliator that will leave your skin feeling great, and looking radiant, get yours here for £10.50.

Delarom Paris - Eye Contour Pro-Cellular Serum

delarom photoshop.jpg

When it comes to our complexions, the team here at The Amazing Blog are vigilant in terms of skincare. However, sometimes our eye area can take a back-seat. While we’re using our fancy facial oils and serums, we shouldn't forget about eye treatments as well. With the Eye Contour Pro-Cellular Serum from Delarom Paris, it’s easy for us to take care of our eyes and prevent signs of ageing.

The serum is rich and gentle, which is an important aspect in any product, but even more so when dealing with the delicate eye area. Patted in both morning and night, the silky serum makes skin feel smoother instantly with no fear of irritation. The design of the bottle is simple and neutral, but the serum ingredients speak for themselves in terms of impact. The power duo of Juvenessence and IRIS, along with other natural active ingredients, work together to moisturise and revitalise skin. Although effective, it’s gentle enough for every skin type and helps to illuminate your eyes throughout the day, while bringing maximum anti-ageing benefits. 

With this new wonder product in our arsenal, we'll surely never neglect our eye area again. Pick up your own pro-cellular serum here for £45.

Pure and Light Organic Creams

Here at The Amazing Blog we believe that truly natural products are the best for our skin, while on the hunt we came across Pure and Light Organics. We were lucky enough to try the Essential Face Cream and the Loving Mother and Baby Cream. Pure and Light believe that great skincare comes with simplicity, a philosophy that translates into their all natural ingredients. Interestingly the brand finds inspiration from ancient knowledge of herbal medicine and aromatherapy, balanced alongside information technology of homeopathy.

The Essential Face Cream uses shea butter, to give it a creamy texture, along with organic oils of rosehip, grapeseed, borage, argan, macadamia and avocado to name a few. All of these oils contain vital anti-oxidants and vitamins that our skin craves; it balances, hydrates and revitalizes our skin. We loved how smooth the formula felt and the hint of orange blossom in the scent, after a few uses our skin felt deeply nourished and smelled fantastic. Take the time to massage it into the skin making sure to push up; this is a way to stimulate the collagen in your face as well as providing a peaceful and relaxing end to the day. It is recommended for all skin types and for any skin conditions, so get yours here for £29.

Mothers often have concerns regarding the products they are using both on themselves and their babies. These worries can disappear thanks to Pure and Light Organic’s Gentle Body and Face Cleanser and the Soothing Barrier Cream, both of which are part of the Mother & Baby range; it is specifically designed for safe use on mother and baby’s sensitive skin. The wash contains a combination of 8 active totally natural ingredients, these include lavender, calendula, and marshmallow root. The result is a sulphate free wash that soothes, encourages much needed relaxation for both mother and baby, as well as keeping their skin soft and thoroughly cleansed. We loved the potent lavender scent that takes over the senses to ensure a state of serenity

The cream contains 18 active ingredients including chamomile, yarrow, marshmallow root and silica. All of which are gentle on the skin yet still powerful enough to deal with irritation and dryness, the chamomile is calming, balancing and works as an anti-inflammatory. This is a multipurpose cream that can be used on multiple skin issues, even on babies from 3 months and onwards. We found the cream was extremely hydrating, absorbed quickly and left our skin feeling extremely soft. If you’re a new or expectant mother make sure you order yours here for £18.

Oildeology - La Vie en Rose Drops

Here at The Amazing Blog we know how vital it is to keep our skin looking youthful and fresh by applying moisturisers and cleansers. But what about a product that works from the inside out? We thought that this idea would make a lot of sense, and we were lucky to receive La Vie En Rose drops  by Oildeology.

This product was designed using innovative technology to extract active ingredients from the flowers of Rosa Damascena to create an organic certified supplement. La Vie en Rose is a 100% natural product and is of extremely high quality that is also high in nutritional value. The drops improve skin condition and maintain the youth of your skin with the subtle scent of Bulgarian Rose. This scent is not only a relaxing fragrance but also raises your resistance to stress. This has a beneficial effect on sleep and counteracts premature signs of aging. All you need to do is add 15 drops to 100ml of water, tea or juice. The drops will support the function of the skin, hair and nails. La Vie en Rose is a nutricosmecutical product that actually works with your body to produce and maintain younger looking skin.

While traditional beauty products only function on the surface of the skin, a product like this will have multiple benefits to your entire body and not just the skins surface.  You can buy La Vie en Rose here for £21.00.

NAÏF – Baby Travel Kit

With the arrival of the Royal Baby a couple of weeks ago, it seems like the whole world (us included) has gone a bit baby mad! With an influx of baby friendly products sure to arrive on the UK market hoping to help Kate with her second babe, we here at The Amazing Blog have been on the look out for the crème de la crème of baby skincare. Dutch brand, NAÏF, offer a wonderful range of natural toddler treats fit for a king (or future queen). Their Baby Travel Kit offers miniatures of their most loved products, perfect for looking after your own little prince or princess.

Packaged in a sweet and environmentally friendly paper zip-up bag, the Baby Travel Kit comes with everything you need to comfort your little one whilst out and about. Adorned with cute little doodles, the kit consists of four travel sized baby products; Diaper Cream, Cleansing Wash Gel, Nurturing Cream and Softening Body Lotion, as well as a handy dummy cloth. With all of the products containing Natural Cottonseed Oil, as well as being hypo-allergenic and free from parabens, they’re perfect for nourishing your baby’s skin. Of course we couldn’t resist trying the products on our adult skin too. Our favourite is the Nurturing Cream. Packed with soothing Sweet Almond Oil and conditioning Avocado Oil, it really did make our skin feel baby soft, and left us wondering why we hadn’t tried out baby products on our own skin before.

Help your little cherub to feel like royalty with the NAÏF Baby Travel Kit. Pop over to their website and pick it up for £12.