Cashmere Care Mist - Catherine Robinson

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Here at The Amazing Blog, one of our key essentials to have all year round is a product that will keep your wardrobe smelling freshly scented 24/7.  Catherine Robinson has released a refresher spray exclusively to her brand called Grace; this product is a signature scent to Catherine.

Catherine Robinson specialises in designing luxurious cashmere clothing and accessories with the finest cashmere made in Mongolia. Known for her luxury products and elegant brand, Catherine released a cashmere care mist that will keep your soft knitted wear protected and refreshed by its beautiful fruity scent. The fragrance is infused with kumquat, grapefruit and bergamot flower. This fruity combination will complement your clothes really well.  

The refresher spray is a cashmere care mist, however we tried on other items off clothing and it still complemented the clothing well as it has multiple purposes and smells delicious on. It is recommended to use this product approximately at an angle so you do not soak the garment, and wait a few minutes before storing the item in your wardrobe, or before you wear it so it can dry properly.

Grab yourself this luxury essential for £15.00 here

The Tribal LuLu - Beach LuLu

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Summer has finally arrived! Here at the Amazing Blog we love to look out for new fashionable trends that are evolving all around the world.  Summer is defiantly the time to throw the jumpers and long coats back into your wardrobe has beach season is here.  

Beach LuLu has a stylish take on summer essentials with their hand drawn designs it comes in several eye catching prints, in the picture we are showing you one of the prints called The Tribal Lu Lu. This particular towel is inspired by the tribal art and has elements of waves, dunes, sand and bursts of sunshine into one design. 

The beach is a place you never want to leave, you can never have too much time on the beach so why not be beach ready and get yourself a Beach LuLu towel that is 100% cotton. We really like the cool twist to the towel of being in a round shape it also has tassels at the end that adds more attention to detail.

So why not be beach ready and purchase yourself The Tribal LuLu it is available for £70.00. 

Hats Off


Summer is the season of weddings, with calendars quickly being inundated with the nuptials of happy couples. Finding a hat for these occasions can be difficult. It is lucky then that this year the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park hotel is in collaboration with British couture milliner Emily Baxendale. Together, they have created the ‘Hats Off’ collection which is inspired by the hotel’s history, its oriental influences, and makes for apt summer wedding attire. The six hats created by this luxury brand (Emily-London) will be available in the hotel until the 27th of July 2016 in The Rosebery Lounge.

Visit the hotel to see amazing hats and eat exquisite tea cakes made by the executive Chef Patissiere Heather Kaniuk. Enjoy an array of choices from raspberry rose lychee gateau and gooseberry to mascarpone and lime tarts.

To be able to admire the bespoke collection or to have a private consultation with milliner Emily Baxendale herself, call: +44 (0) 20 7201 3828 or email via: (afternoon tea guests recieve a 10% discount off the collection).


Style Me in Seconds

Rachel Mann Photography

Rachel Mann Photography

A special event is popping up next week at Old Street Underground Station! This is something that all of us here at The Amazing Blog and any fashionista will be sure to attend. From April 4th to the 10th you can get a personal styling makeover by professional stylists who have dressed Victoria Beckham, Emilie Sande and Professor Green.

Rachel Mann Photography

Rachel Mann Photography

The Style Me in Seconds pop up event is offering free styling sessions to demonstrate the uniqueness and versatility of charity shop clothing. For those of us who don’t often have the patience to rummage through rails of clothing at charity shops, this event is a great way to see the endless creative possibilities of charity shop fashion. While it might be easier to buy off the peg than to rifle through the rails, charity shops can be a treasure trove of unique and vintage pieces that can set your wardrobe apart from the rest. Professional stylists can help you experiment with new looks or add a unique twist to your existing outfits.

Rachel Mann Photography

Rachel Mann Photography

To get a taste of what charity shops have to offer, check out the Style Me in Seconds website for more information.

Art & Makeup - Lan Nguyen-Grealis

Here at The Amazing Blog, we love experimenting with our makeup. To us, makeup is more than a simple daily routine, it’s an art. So when Art & Makeup came across our desk at the office, we all stopped in our tracks.

Art & Makeup is a stunning compilation of more than 200 images of award-winning makeup artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis’s best works. As the youngest Golden Mask award-winner for Makeup Art, Lan has created a book that showcases just how imaginative makeup can be. By drawing inspiration from painters, sculptors, and cinema, Lan transforms makeup into breath-taking artwork with the help of legendary photographers like Rankin and David Bailey. To complement the editorial works, Lan has also included step-by-step tutorials for some of the techniques used in the book, along with tips and tricks from industry professionals.

While these works definitely aren’t wearable for most people, Art & Makeup would be an amazing gift for any makeup enthusiast. We also think it would be the perfect coffee table book for charming your guests! If you want to spend an hour drooling over the gorgeous images like we have, you can pick it up here for £22.03.