Maison Dog

A dog is a man’s best friend! We at The Amazing Blog love to spoil our pets, and we believe that The Maison Dog is the perfect shop for furry fanatics of all kinds. The Maison Dog just opened its first store in East Dulwich on October 4th. Their website is split into two stores that you can access through the two front doors- ‘Antique Dog’ and ‘Retro Dog’, depending on which you prefer. ‘Antique Dog’ specialises in canine collectibles sourced from all around the globe, while the concept behind ‘Retro Dog’ is that of eco awareness and sustainability. Not really a dog person? Well, for you cat people out there, ‘Maison Kitten’ provides a small range of feline inspired collectibles and antiques as well.

Aside from their gorgeous canine antiques and collectibles, the shop also sells their own range of top quality leashes and collars, all made in England by a top saddlery maker in the finest leather and brass. They will also have luxury dog beds and blankets, toys and other accessories available for purchase.

Finally, the shop offers a fun feature called “Dog of the Week,” starring photographs of real pets sent in by people like you. In order to have a chance at getting your pet featured, send photos of your dog to and tell the Maison Dog staff all about your little friend. If you are interested in having your pet become “Dog of the Week,” please include the name, sex, likes, dislikes, their favourite food and their favourite toy.

No matter what kind of animal you love or what kind of pet you may have, there is a little something for everyone who genuinely loves their pet. Visit the Maison Dog’s new store at 20 Northcross Road, London SE22 9EU or give them a call at 020 8299 3390.

Take a look at Maison Dog and everything they have to offer here.

HayMax – Allergy Balms

It’s that time of the year again, and the allergies are in full force! We at the Amazing Blog were struggling with our allergies this season until HayMax sent us their awesome allergy balms! HayMax is a natural organic balm that is applied to the rim of the nostrils. It has been proven to reduce dust and pet allergens, and more than a third of pollen from entering the body. You can choose from four varieties of HayMax: Pure, Aloe Vera, Lavender and Frankincense. It is made from a blend of beeswax and seed oils, to which they add essential oils or aloe vera leaf juice extracts to create three additional varieties from original version.

HayMax is 100% natural, organic and drug free, so it’s safe for children and pregnant and breastfeeding women to use. It supports 3 different charities related to allergies including Allergy UK, Anaphylaxis Campaign, and Action Against Allergy (AAA). Also, HayMax’s website, which can be accessed here (, has a great Allergy Guide which gives more information about different kinds of allergies and how to manage them.

Get your own HayMax here and keep those allergies away! Each balm is £6.99 for a 5 ml tub.

Friday Favourites - Pets

We're all aware that dogs are a man's best friend, but we think it's safe to say that the popular phrase should encompass all kinds of pets. Whether they purr or bark, pets are really special beings, considered to be family members. At The Amazing Blog, we couldn’t live without our four legged companions; they are always there for us, come rain or shine, so why not spoil them with some treats they will surely appreciate?

AristopawsCat owners know how much the little ones love their naps. In fact, an adult cat sleeps an average of 15 hours a day. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Pet Interiors' Rondo Stand will make your cat’s siestas even more fabulous. The designer cat tree, made with beautiful European cowskin and fleece, is developed for both rest and action. Not only will your cat have a comfortable spot to relax, but at a height of 80cm, it will also have a privileged view of its surroundings. And we all know curious cats like to keep their superior eye on things. The Rondo Stand is made to order, making it an exclusive piece of furniture, perfect for any cat lover's home. Put your cat on the pedestal it deserves with the Rondo Stand from Aristopaws, which you can buy here for £589.

bone and ragCats and dogs may not always see eye to eye, but dogs like to have a cosy place to rest their head too. When it comes to dog beds, there is a really wide choice out there, with a huge variety of sizes, shapes and materials, each designed to satisfy your pet’s needs. We really love Bone & Rag's extensive range. From their Blue Splash Dog Bed, to their beautifully printed William Morris 'Vine' design, there's something to suit every decor. The classic donut shaped beds will ensure that your pooch is as comfy as can be, with room to curl up and stretch out as they please. The plush beds are handmade in the UK, with a waterproof inner lining and a washable cover, a necessity for any dog owner. Both the Blue Splash Dog Bed and the William Morris Dog Bed are available here, with prices starting from £100.

DSC_2270 (1280x771)Pets are very much a part of the family. So much so that we can't think of anyone more deserving of their own commissioned portrait. Bethany Moore, the talented artist from The Rhubarb Tree takes a fresh and contemporary approach to the world of pet portraits, creating a unique piece of art that will perfectly capture the inimitable personality of your fluffy loved one. Animal lovers will also find a great selection of pet themed design cards, stationery, mugs and gifts at The Rhubarb Tree. You can buy their products here with prices starting off at £2. Feeling creative yourself? Bethany Moore also runs friendly art workshops to take you through a relaxing drawing experience.

wash the dogYou all know how passionate we are about natural beauty products, so were pleased to discover a natural grooming collection specifically created for dogs. Betty & Butch have an amazing range of shampoos and conditioners, including soaps formulated with different breeds and skin conditions in mind. We were particularly drawn to the Dandy Dog Soap - a masculine scented natural shampoo which thoroughly cleans both coat and skin. With anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredients like lavender, lemon and cedarwood, which also works to alleviate hair loss, your canine pal will be looking glossy and smelling fresh in no time. The Dandy Dog Soap is available here for £6.99, along with the rest of the fantastic Betty & Butch range.

Din Dins resizedFood is definitely one of the most important needs a pet owner has to fulfil, but giving them the right kind of nourishment is not always an easy task. We want them to be happy and healthy, so their diet needs to be varied and balanced. Din Dins offer a natural nutrition range that will optimise your pet's health and well-being. Using the finest organic ingredients, these vet-approved supplements will improve skin and coat condition, help solve problems like bad breath, and aid with digestive problems. The raw wholefoods, herbs and super greens like bilberry, flaxseed and cranberry will surely get your kitties purring and your doggy tails wagging! You can buy the Din Dins Wickedly Raw Superfoods for cats here and for dogs here for £13.

With all of these great pet ideas to choose from, we're sure you'll find a way to reward your pet for their unconditional love.

Cats & Dogs Festive Finds

Day 2 of our festive finds week and we think it’s important to show our four-legged friends how much we appreciate their company all year round. Here at The Amazing Blog we are huge animal lovers and when it comes to Christmas we cannot help but spoil our pets with some Christmas presents too. So here are some of our favourite pet gifts this year we are sure you will love as much as we do. top pooch lead

Top Pooch is the place to go for stylish and patterned collars for your dog. We love their wide range of vintage inspired fabric collars made with bright and bold patterns that are perfect for any fashion conscious pooch. One of our favourites is a unisex option, the Classic Houndstooth Collar, it is simple yet stylish. Not only can you have a gorgeous patterned collar, you can also buy a matching lead, and the best part: Collar accessories. We love the doggy Bow Ties as they simply slide onto the collar to complete your dog’s sophisticated look. There is a large range of patterns on offer, including a London and Royal themed collection. You can also get hold of matching bows and bandanas. These wonderful collars and accessories can be purchased from the Top Pooch website. Collars retail from £11, and accessories from £5.

Ibone hi res

Just like children, all dogs want to open up a toy on Christmas day, and we have found the perfect toy for dogs who love… technology, and you would be surprised at how appealing an iPhone style toy can be to your canine friends. Now your dog can be as tech-savvy as you, with the Anything Dogz iBone Phone Toy.  This plush dog toy looks just like a smart phone complete with dog apps carefully embroidered onto the fabric. The material used to make the toy is very durable so it is long lasting and there are also no small parts for your dog to swallow. We think that this toy is just right for dogs on the move a lot and very excitable as it is small enough to take out and about with you. If you want to treat your pet to the latest addition to dog gadgetry, you can get the iBone Phone Toy from Anything Dogz for £11.50.

puppy kit hair or the dogWhile we all know that a dog is for life and not just for Christmas, some of our very lucky readers may be getting a new puppy in time for Christmas. What better way to welcome them to your family than with the Hair of The Dog Puppy Starter Kit Hampers. The kits come in two varieties depending on the sex of your puppy to make sure you get treats perfectly suited to the puppy’s gender. The hamper gifts come in a beautiful vintage looking suitcase either in pink or blue. Inside the hampers are a beautiful selection of handpicked products that are perfect to get you started and treat your new puppy too. Every hamper includes some Lily’s Biscuits or Treats, a chew toy, a red and ruby edible greetings card or a teething toy, a training clicker and a towel or grooming product. We think this hamper makes the perfect gift for any new addition to the family as it is full of all the essentials your puppy will need. The Puppy Starter Kits are priced at £36.50 for a girl and £34.30 for a boy and can be purchased from the Hair Of The Dog website, where there is also a version especially for kittens.

Pampered pets cat hammockMost cats often need something to get their claws into, and instead of your furniture being ripped to shreds, there is an alternative. This Christmas we think your kitty would love to be treated to The Pampered Pet Great and Small Hammock Playground. Not only does it feature scratching posts, but it is a three tiered kingdom for your cat to rule. The Playground features play balls hanging from the upper tier that are sure to keep cats of any age amused. There is also a hammock where your cat can snooze the afternoon away. The Hammock Playground is made of soft fabric to ensure your fury friend is always comfy, but underneath lies hardwearing sisal to prevent damage from claws. It’s a far more exciting present for your cat than those ordinary scratching posts that all the cats in the neighbourhood have…It will keep your pet entertained for hours. You can get the Great and Small Hammock Playground from The Pampered Pet for just £44.99.

viva le chat knitted catnip mice

Cats old or young are very playful, and if they aren’t clawing at their scratching post (or your curtains if you’re not so lucky) then they are keeping themselves busy with cat toys. We have found these gorgeous Viva Le Chat Catnip Mice from Hair of the Dog. These lovely little mice are hand knitted in the USA and stuffed with Cosmic Catnip. It is a very potent form of catnip that your kitty will go mad for too. The wool is knitted very tightly to make sure that even with the roughest play the catnip will stay secure inside the mouse. As the mice are hand-made they come in a whole variety of colours and patterns. The Viva Le Chat Catnip Mice can be bought from the Hair of the Dog website for £8.50, and we will definitely adding this to our pets stocking this year.

mungo and maud cat bowlIf your pets like the finer things in life, maybe it is time to update their bowl to something a bit classier that the average plastic bowl. We love this beautiful ceramic Cat Bowl Meow from Mungo & Maud. They have a chic and classic design with gorgeous fish bone illustrations, and your cat will be sure to love dining from it. There is also another version of the design featuring a fish bowl illustration. As the bowl is ceramic, it will be heavier and less likely to move as your cat eats so there is less mess to clean up. Even better, the bowl is dishwasher safe so just pop it in every now and then like you do with your own dishes and it’ll be spotless and ready to use again in no time. You can treat your cat to one of the Mungo & Maud bowls from their website where they retail at £28. myteddybear1Hashtagdogtag is a unique brand bought together by two artists with a love for animals and especially their dogs. The concept is about showing off a dog’s personality through their own hash tag. The ladies behind these wonderful creations artistically make one off pieces with details to emphasise what your pup loves. The tags are worn on collars and give a bit of animal individuality, they are bound to cause some jealously in the park. This Christmas you can treat your dog to one of these customised tags which use the finest quality materials. There are many sizes, styles and combinations to choose from so you can really summarise your dog’s character. We think these tags are very sweet and definitely worth a purchase. They add a little style to your dogs attire whilst also storing necessary information on it. They are found here and vary in price depending on how much your dogs deserves!

Oggi christmas setOggi’s Oven has designed the perfect treat for your pups this Christmas. The Christmas Gift Pack allows you to enjoy your pups present just as much as they will. You get to do some fun baking whilst your dog sits watching desperately with puppy eyes before eventually devouring them, there’s enjoyment for everyone. One thing we really like about this brand is their products are completely additive and preservative free, making it a pleasant and healthy alternative to some of that fattening and unhealthy processed rubbish you can find in supermarkets. Oggi launched with 2 objectives, to help tackle animal obesity and to encourage children to get involved in caring for the family pet. The brand values and the concept behind the products are very admirable and appealing. There’s lots of fun to be had with these kits and a great way to get everyone together in this festive season. Now your pets don’t need to be eating your roast and pudding leftovers on Christmas day, they are part of the family after all. It really is the perfect gift idea this Christmas for everyone to enjoy together.  You can browse the stockists of the products here

 Tomorrow we have some exciting Christmas beauty gifts to share with you  for Festive Finds day three so make sure you have a read!

Dog’s Trust and 'Phillipa Fairy Cake', a book by Sarahjane Funnel

book jacket PFC front cover-1 lower It is not often that we write about children’s books and things here on The Amazing Blog, but when we find something truly exceptional, we make sure that we feature it. We were very lucky to be invited to the launch of Sarahjane Funnel’s new book: Phillipa Fairy Cake and The Secret Pet’s Tea Party in conjunction with the Dog’s Trust, and took the opportunity to attend.

The book is about a little girl named Phillipa and her cat Little Miss Whiskers. They, along with two of her friends and their pet rescue dogs, planned for a tea party in the garden. Shortly after they sat down for tea the adventure began and they meet characters such as a Mrs Boodle Doodle. It is an adorable adventure and the perfect story for small children, with brilliantly coloured pages full of fun illustrations. Definitely an essential read for any parent who has pets and perfect for a child’s developing mind. Sarahjane herself has a rescue dog ‘Pip’ from the Dog’s Trust are who are acknowledged in the book.

Sarahjane And Edwina

 The author Sarahjane Funnel (with Dog’s Trust rescue Boasson) and Edwina, our Exec Ed of TheAmazingBlog

As serious dog lovers here at The Amazing Blog, we took some time to learn a little more about the Dog’s Trust. Each year, they care for about 16,000 dogs at their 18 re-homing centres. They also run neutering campaigns across the UK and have educational programs to teach children about the trust and dogs. In addition, they sponsor many other dog charities and organisations. If you can’t re-home or adopt a dog, but would like to give a donation or you can become a member of the Dog’s Trust  please click  here.  When we spoke to the Dog’s Trust, they sent us some information on two of their lovely dogs that are desperately in need of a loving home.


Kobi 5 yr old male Malamute Cross

 Kobi is looking for a patient adult only home with no visiting children where he will have time to settle. He loves a fuss on his terms and enjoys woodland walks where he can lose himself in the undergrowth. He also enjoys a run in the field and playing with his toys. He would much prefer to be the only pet in the home so he can have all the attention to himself. Once settled he will make a very loyal friend. Zander2

Zander is a 4 yr old male Boxer

Zander lacks confidence and will need patience and time to find his feet and build a relationship with his new family. He is a handsome boy who was very underweight when he arrived, so food is very important to him. He enjoys his walks and loves a game of ball! He does get on with other dogs when out and about but would prefer to be the only dog in the home. He could potentially live with older teenagers.  If you are interested in either of these dogs, please contact the Dog’s Trust rehoming centre 01227 792505 or visit them at: The Dogs Trust, Radfall Road, Chestfield, Nr Whitstable, Kent, CT5 3ER.

In the meantime, to purchase Sarahjane Funnel’s book, Phillipa Fairy Cake and the Secret Pet’s Tea Party,  at £7.99  you can head over to Waterstones or Amazon.