001 Skincare - Ultimate Renewal Serum Duo

Here at The Amazing Blog we love a bit of luxury in our skincare regime, so it was no surprise that we were ecstatic at the thought of trying 001 Skincare’s Ultimate Renewal Serum Duo. One of their new Explorer Kits, this duo is the ultimate skin set for nourishing, hydrating and renewing all skin types. It is particularly effective at rejuvenating mature, dry or damaged skin. We assure you, you’ll feel like a new woman!

The two serums, Intensive Elixir and the Active Marine Power Concentrate, are designed to promote healthy, balanced and radiant skin. The Elixir is an oil based serum made up of 7 bio-dynamic and essential oils, 4 pure plant extracts and just a hint of Vitamin E. It seems unbelievable that just a few drops of this magic elixir hold so much nourishment for the skin. We loved the silky texture and beautifully floral scent that came from the Rose Absolute. Since using this elixir our skin has felt firmer, moisturised and those dreaded dark spots have faded dramatically.

The Concentrate, on the other hand, is an Algae based serum designed to intensely repair environmental damage and brighten the complexion. The super concentrate is packed with a series of antioxidants, CQ10, Multi-Citrus actives, Raspberry, Green Tea and Vitamin C. Deep, effective nourishment seems to be pattern in 001 Skincare. After using the concentrate, our skin is simply glowing and it’s given a stunning collagen-plumping effect. In conjunction with the elixir, we are in skincare heaven. The beautifully packaged Explorer Kit even includes a vibrant, gold sequin makeup bag with a satin lining. The whole package screams luxury and indulgence.

If you want to love the skin you’re in, get your own Explorer Kit here for £65.