Dudu - Osun African Black Soap

Contemporary life means a career to follow, hundreds of places to be in the same day and no time for taking care of our skin; but at The Amazing Blog we have the right to say that’s not true anymore thanks to the new Dudu – Osun African Black Soap.

Forget early mornings, you’ll have all the time you need for cleansing and moisturising in one with this product.  Let’s put it this way, African princes and princesses a long ago were very enthusiastic about natural ingredients and Africa is a country where you can get the most from nature; this is the main reason why Dudu-Osun has been created.
As its name says, this soap is black because of the Cocoa Pod Ashes which is mixed with kernel oil, aloe vera, honey, shea butter and natural glycerine creates a product perfect not only for face, but even hair and body and it suits both men and women.
What all these incredible ingredients do is something we’ve never seen before. This soap provides a perfect cleansing and moisturising action at the same time but also can help if you have eczema or acne. Beside it can be found in a slightly scented version, with sandalwood and camwood, or parfume-free.

No matter which one you’ll go for, black soap will always be the best choice. Get both of the versions here, full size at £5 and travel size at £1.75.