Bonilla a la Vista - Patatas Fritas


Once again, here we are gushing about food. It’s always an exciting time for us when we receive snacks to try out, but this one in particular was much appreciated by some of us here at The Amazing Blog since they reminded us of home. Thanks to Bonilla a la Vista, we were able to get a little taste of Spain in the form of patatas fritas and could not wait to share them with our followers.

Bonilla a la Vista got its start three generations ago, in a small town in the peninsula of A Coruna, when Salvador Bonilla opened a small booth on the pier that sold patatas fritas and churros. This small booth evolved into 7 shops and a factory, so now they can manufacture and distribute internationally for all to enjoy these Spanish snacks. These crisps are different from the ones you would find at the store. Since they are fried in cold-pressed olive oil, there is a crunchier and fresher aspect to them. The cut is also distinct; they are a lot thicker and less uniform in shape than the average crisp, similar to those kettle-cooked brands. What I really loved about these crisps is that the ingredients are as simple as can be: potatoes, olive oil and sea salt, which is all that is needed for traditional patatas fritas.

To treat yourself to these authentic Spanish patatas fritas, go here where you can find the generous 500g tin for £15.The crisps lasted a few days here in the office but we liked the tin so much it is now a part of our office décor, reminding me of home.