Essential Care – Odylique Spot-on Serum

rachels wednesdayFor those of you who read The Amazing Blog often, I’m sure you have recognised our love for Essential Care products.  Their devotion to providing the ‘purest skincare on earth’ guarantees raw and natural ingredients suitable for the most sensitive skin (which we believe is key to any skin care regime).  To kick off 2014, Essential Care introduced their Odylique Spot-on Serum to repair the worst skin blemishes.

Essential Care skincare products use the science of plants to repair skin.  Some of their most effective formulations are based on organic herbs, plant oils and other natural ingredients. The Odylique Spot-on Serum aids in the healing of blemishes, breakouts, minor skin damage, stings and bites. It works to clear skin with 100% organic ingredients like rejuvenating aloe vera and soothing calendula, whilst  natural extracts of lavender, tea tree and echinacea leave behind a fresh scent.  I personally have very fair skin, so even the most miniscule blemish is clearly visible.  After a single use of the serum, I noticed that my problem spots were far less red and barely even noticeable!  The Spot-on Serum is also the optimal size to fit in your handbag.  The largest tube is 60ml, which is still small enough for on-the-go use.  As I often discover a very noticeable blemish after I've left the house, I find the Spot-on Serum is the perfect remedy for when I'm out and about.  Pop a 60ml tube of Odylique Spot-on Serum in your handbag today to start clearing blemishes. You can get it here for only £15.