Tweezy Blog2We all have those moments when we catch glimpse of our reflection in the mirror and suddenly notice the dark shadow on our upper lip or peach fuzz in unwanted areas of the face.  Unfortunately, schedules often work against us, leaving us too busy to make a waxing or threading appointment. Solving our problems is the innovative hair removal tool, Tweezy, which is helping all of us here at The Amazing Blog achieve a smooth face without spending too much time or money!  We knew the true inventiveness of Tweezy when all of the girls in our office jumped at the chance to own one themselves.

As a beauty fan, you’re probably familiar with threading or have even experienced it yourself!  Like threading, Tweezy easily glides across skin to remove dark, thick hairs or even thin, baby hairs.  However, the Tweezy is different from threading as it uses a spring to remove hair rather than a fine strand.  Not only does this make Tweezy a superb DIY tool, but it is also more hygienic, as it is far easier to store and is cleaned with a simple antibacterial wipe.  Even successful makeup artists recommend using Tweezy, as it smoothes out skin making a flat surface, for perfect cosmetic application.  This handy beauty gadget has certainly become a necessity inside my makeup bag, as well as an essential for travelling, as my newly smooth skin makes the application of makeup even easier!  Purchase your Tweezy here for £12.99, or purchase two (one for your makeup bag and one for on-the-go use) here for £17.99.