A&G Choclatl - Pure & Mayan Hot Chocolate

Blog ImageWith Easter over, we here at The Amazing Blog are still craving a chocolate fix. Lucky for us, A&G Choclatl were kind enough to send over two delicious flavours of hot chocolate – Choclatl Pure and Choclatl Mayan. The name Choclatl (pronounced choc-lat-il) is a direct translation from the ancient Mayan language, using the words xocol + atl, which literally mean chocolate and water. A glance at the ingredients reveals that it really is that simple. Where most hot chocolate brands contain highly processed ingredients, unique brand, Choclatl uses only pure and basic components, making for a delicious mug of pure chocolate bliss.

I’m a big fan of short food labels which have a list of ingredients that I can actually pronounce, as it gives me peace of mind to know exactly what goes into my body. Choclatl Pure has only two ingredients: cacao and cane sugar. The taste of this hot chocolate is divine, richer than any other hot chocolate I have ever tasted. The Choclatl Mayan, which contains cacao, cane sugar, almonds, and cinnamon, was just as bold as Choclatl Pure, but the notes of almond and cinnamon added a unique and delicious twist. It’s no surprise that Choclatl Mayan is A&G Choclatl’s bestseller!

Preparing Choclatl hot chocolate is very simple. Remove the Choclatl from the Chocpot and place into a saucepan. Add water using a 3:1 ratio (one mini Chocpot is 100g so we used 300ml water) and bring to boil for 5 minutes. Then simply wait for it to cool a little, and serve! You can enjoy some delicious Choclatl at home or in the office without breaking the bank – a 100g Chocpot is only £3.50, and you can place orders online here.