The shoes we all want

If we were betting (wo)men we would almost certainly be having a little Royal Wedding flutter on the chances of Aruna Seth making one of the FOUR pairs of shoes that Kate Middleton will wear on her wedding day. The big question is, tomorrow will she...or won't she? Aruna told us that none of the four chosen shoe designers will know until they see Kate's feet peeping out from under her dress on the big day - ooh so exciting!

The British born designer’s name has become synonymous with the most luxurious and aspirational bridal  and evening shoes and she is currently stocked at exclusive London bridal stores, Browns Brides and Caroline Castigliano. The attention to detail that goes into her pieces means that each pair of shoes is like a little work of art. Even better, unlike the statement heels that we force our feet into in the name of fashion, for Aruna Seth comfort is key, all of her shoes contain a special plush padded lining – beautiful and practical? Now there’s a revelation!

We can guarantee that if Kate does wear a pair of Aruna Seth shoes they will be a one-off bespoke style created specifically for her...(jealous us??), but for shoes fit for a princess you can visit Aruna Seth to get your hands on something similar. It’s all about living vicariously girls!

PS: I am the proud owner of the Ameronni Black Suede and Crystal Heels and when wearing these babies, I can party all night long  without a second thought about changing into a pair of flats.   These are without doubt the most elegant  and comfortable evening shoes that I have EVER worn!