Rejuvenated - H3O Hydration

blog imageHere at The Amazing Blog, there’s no end to the amount of lotions and potions we slather on our faces. But sometimes these moisturisers aren’t quite enough, and we need something that’s more than just skin deep. With Rejuvenated’s H3O Hydration, we were able to give our skin a nourishing boost from the inside, helping us to glow from within!

H3O Hydration, a drink designed to provide intense hydration on a cellular level, contains a mixture of ions and minerals which help to nurture cell function in the skin, and hylauronic acid for an extra moisture kick. A pretty shade of pink when mixed with water, the powder has a lovely, slightly tart taste to it. For me, the sharp berry flavour is a vast improvement to other sickly sweet products I’ve tried. As well as plumping up my skin, it also really helps the body to absorb nutrients, and I did feel slightly more energetic and awake in less than a week of using it. Alongside the hydration drink, H3O also offer Night Repair supplements, packed with vitamins and ionic minerals which work at repairing and hydrating your skin whilst you sleep. A packet of 30 is more than enough to ensure you wake up with a younger, rejuvenated complexion.

It’s important to note that this supplement should not be taken if you’re regularly taking aspirin or similar blood thinning medication. But if you’re on the hunt for a supplement that makes you feel healthier, and your skin look happier, then pick up a sachet of H3O Hydration here for £24.95, along with their Night Repair here, for £30. After all, ‘healthy skin starts from within.’