The Tru Brand - Holy Trinity Skincare

blog imageWe here at The Amazing Blog pay attention to our skincare regime religiously. So when we discovered The Tru Brand’s Holy Trinity, we prepared ourselves to worship a new found skin saviour. The trio makes up the foundation of any good skincare routine, consisting of the Ultimate Two-Way Deep Cleanse, the Liftonic Toning Treatment and the Holy Grail Facial Moisturiser. With these three products on our bathroom shelf, caring for our skin has never been more heavenly.

Offering a capsule range, all of The Tru Brand products work together in harmony and complement each other perfectly. Formulated with green mandarin essential oil to help unclog congested pores, and fine line reducing Liftonin, the Liftonic Toning Treatment felt really soothing to use, and worked as a wonderfully refreshing precursor to the Holy Grail Facial Moisturiser. Containing soothing camellia oil, the thick moisturiser felt so cooling on my tired skin, ensuring that my visage stayed intensely moisturised all day. A unanimous favourite in the office, however, was the Ultimate Two-Way Deep Cleanse. A versatile cleanser that can be used either as a daily wash, or swiped across the face and neck on a cotton pad, the product felt really hydrating, as well as leaving a delicious citrus scent behind. With extract of wild pansy, a great toxin cleanser, and antioxidant Vitamin E, it really helped to clear away daily grime, leaving me with skin that felt nothing short of purified.

Our skincare prayers have been answered with this trio of divine products. You can purchase the Cleanser, Toning Treatment and Moisturiser here for £25, £28 and £42 respectively.