BioCorrex - Skincare Supplements

Busy lifestyles, although rewarding, can often get in the way of really caring for our hair and skin. No matter how many products we slap on after a long days work, topical creams are not enough to maintain silky hair and a radiant glow. This is why we here at The Amazing Blog enjoyed the effects of BioCorrex, which gave us a boost of beauty that was more than skin deep.

 From the BioCorrex range, we were able to try the Skin Beauty Supplement, the Pro Skin BiOmega Oil and the Uber Skin Collagen Powder. Of the three, I found that I most enjoyed the Collagen Powder. The powder is the perfect addition to my morning juices. I have been simply mixing  it into my morning Vitamix  fresh green vegetable juice, along with my VitalGreens, and glugging away. This Collagen Powder contains a blend of linseed and pomegranate extract amino acids,  key for maintaining skin elasticity. The main ingredient, collagen peptide  is 100% marine sourced and the other ingredients are listed on the website for reference, along with a handy brand comparison chart. With the chart you can check up on how other collagen products stack up to this BioCorrex powder. So far I'm really liking what the Uber Skin Collagen Powder is doing for my skin and will be curious to see the future effects.

So why not try out the BioCorrex range to keep the wrinkles at bay. The range is available to buy here, with the Uber Skin Collagen Powder costing £64.95.