Queen Cosmetics - Eye Restore Cream

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul... We here at The Amazing Blog like to keep those windows shining and wrinkle free for the neighbours! While looking for a proper eye cream to keep our peepers fresh, we were lucky to find Queen Cosmetics Eye Restore Cream.

Queen Cosmetics was started by 3 dermatologists in the 1920’s to address the lack of hypoallergenic products for women with sensitive skin. This company has the know how to create a product that can solve skin problems, rather than exacerbate them. Since its start, the company has not turned their backs on products for sensitive skin, have also embraced environment friendly practices and kept their local ties to the community. Although the products themselves are not natural or organic, we did find that they are made with care and feel good on our sensitive skin.

We like that the eye cream is very light but at the same time silky and moisturizing to the eye area, it is unscented and absorbs into the skin almost instantly. It is supposed to be used twice a day to ensure the best wrinkle reducing and de-puffing effects. We felt that the gel-like cream was just the right formulation to be used twice daily on our sensitive eye area without any irritation.

On the website for Queen Cosmetics you have the choice of a 5ml for £5.95 or a 25ml for £24.50here.