Seed and Bean - Sea Salt and Lime Chocolate

As is well known, we love chocolate here at The Amazing Blog so with that factor in mind we were extremely excited to receive a couple of bars from Seed and Bean. The organic, fair-trade company sent us their Cornish Sea Salt and Lime, Tangerine, Sicilian Hazelnut Fine Dark Chocolate, and Raspberry and Vanilla Creamy White Chocolate.

Needless to say the bars were gone from the office almost immediately. Everyone in the office loved each and every bar and we have been wishing for more ever since. Our current favorite is the Cornish Sea Salt and Lime, the flavour of the chocolate was light and refreshing while at the same time smooth and rich. The concept of sea salt and lime mixed with chocolate was not originally at the top of our list, but Seed and Bean changed our minds and our palettes completely. Having a bite of the organic bar can instantly transport you to Cornwall on holiday. The other flavours of the chocolate offered by the 100% Ethically Accredited company have interesting combinations that are sure to wow your taste buds, so if Sea Salt and Lime isn't your scene, Seed and Bean have something else sure to please.

Try out these delicious handmade in England chocolates here for prices ranging from 99p to £45.