FTN - Natural Energy Drinks

At times the work week can feel never-ending, especially on Mondays. Sometimes, here at The Amazing Blog we need a pick-me-up in our energy levels. We like to keep things awake in our office and when that is hard to do, we now reach for FTN’s Natural Energy Drinks. FTN sent us their tasty Natural Energy Drinks in Super Berry and Citrus flavours. The natural drinks contain a whole food blend of green tea, wild blueberry extract, vitamin d, amino acids, and organic blue-green micro-algae. These ingredients are combined into a refreshing little shot that helps in maintaining a healthy metabolism, promoting body maintenance and repair, as well as giving us needed proteins and micro-nutrients for overall well-being. Both flavours were good, as they both tasted like fruit juice and provided an energy boost soon after drinking, and didn't have any sort of after taste or strange flavours which always put us off other energy drinks. Their mini size meant we could all keep one in our bags to battle lack of energy on the go. They are also fully FDA and WADA approved, so we can all drink up without the fear of chemicals or unsafe stimulants.

For a subtle and delicious energy boost during your busy day stop by the FTN site and pick up a 1 month supply of the Citrus or the  Super Berry for £39.99.