Boomf! Marshmallows

We here at The Amazing Blog have something of a sweet tooth. So you can imagine our absolute delight when we received a delicious box of marshmallows, courtesy of Boomf! They cleverly recreated photographs of The Amazing Blog team which if you click here you will see us all,  each with our faces is on the little squares of marshmallow - genius!

With some novelty sweets like this, the actual confectionery can be substandard. This is not the case with Boomf!'s delicious fluffy marshmallows. It did feel a little strange to be eating my face, but I was a lovely vanilla flavour that tasted divine. You might be wondering ‘Why is Jose eating his face? Has he gone mad?’ Believe it or not I haven’t, and it’s in fact the photo of me on the marshmallow I’m referring to. See, Boomf! allows you to choose your favourite images from your Instagram account to turn into delectable little morsels of marshmallow! We’ve all seen key rings and t-shirt’s adorned with snapshots of favourite memories, but rarely to never on confectionery. With Boomf! this is now achievable. So whether you want your dog, that holiday photo, or your grandma on a fluffy marshmallow to dunk in hot chocolate, toast on a bonfire or just eat in its lone glory, this exciting new concept from Boomf! makes birthday and Christmas presents that extra bit sentimental…and tasty!

Boomf! come in packs of 9, priced at £15, and are available here