Vintage 2011

It seems like everyone is opting out of the English ‘summer’ and jetting off at the moment and the thought of a colleague due to return from a sun-soaked Greek island - no doubt with a killer tan and possibly even an Adonis in tow - is not improving the mood in the Amazing PR office. So in preparation for the inevitable “so what have you guys been up to?” line of questioning (well, we need to make her feel that she has missed out on something while she has been away) we’re going to be getting our retro on this weekend at Vintage at the Southbank. Until Sunday the award winning concept, which has been showcased over the past two years at Goodwood, will transform the Southbank into a Vintage wonderland. The festival will celebrate musical, fashion, film, art, design and cultural lineages, from the 1920s to the 1980s, and offer a glimpse of where we go from here…deeeep. We will mainly be going for the fun fashion, fab food and creative cocktails…a couple of these and we may even throw a few retro shapes. All the wonderful clubs, bands, fashions, art, and design, film, shops, vintage retailers, dance lessons, makeovers, workshops that made Vintage 2010 so memorable will return along with some cool new Thames boat party surprises.

The Royal Festival Hall is at the centre of this vintage extravaganza and will be set dressed like never before. All six levels of the building will be transformed into a multi-venue playground where, lucky pass holders can ‘learn the dances’, enjoy a makeover, take in the live performances, exclusive DJ sets, catwalk shows, wonderfully conceived food and cocktails, the cream of the crop vintage retailers and surprises galore. Vintage favourites The Soul Casino, Let it Rock, The Torch Club, The Leisure Lounge and The Warehouse are amongst the ten nightclubs within Royal Festival Hall primed and ready to get you moving.

Additionally, Southbank Centre’s outside spaces host the enormous Vintage Marketplace, hair and makeup parlours, tea parties, creative workshops for all ages, themed bars and restaurants and a vintage funfair. Featuring vintage favourites such as The Chap Olympiad, 'Best In Show' parades and pop-up catwalk shows, prepare for retro eye candy, imaginatively dressed folk and great music, performance art and design.

London’s best cultural quarter to host Britain’s best new cultural event...the perfect fit. Throw on your best frock, pack your dancing shoes and join us for the annual celebration of British cool.

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