Terre a Terre Wild Crabapple and Calvados Jelly

Cheese without chutney is like bangers without mash, jelly without ice cream, fish without chips…you get where I am going with this. Suffice to say when the cheeseboard comes I don’t feel it is complete without some sort of chutney/jelly/pickle. One of my favourite recent discoveries has been the Wild Crabapple and Calvados Jelly that is handmade in small batches at renowned veggie restaurant Terre a Terre in Brighton. This is a particularly delish little accompaniment that works with either sweet or savoury dishes - as a tasty addition to a cheese ploughmans, or spread on warm scones with clotted cream. The ingredient list is pretty concise, just crab apples, organic Calvados cooked with sugar, water and lemon juice, but the end result is a lovely fruity jelly with a warm Calvados glow. It seems I am not the only one who is won over by the flavour either as it has just been presented with a coveted three star Gold Great Taste Award.

Terre à Terre offers a full range of pickles, chutneys, marmalades, jellies, nuts, seeds and truffles all handmade in-house by their very own chefs and available to purchase online, in the restaurant and at some delis in the south.