For someone who cannot function on less than 7 hours shut-eye those nights when you toss and turn and eventually start counting down the hours until you have to get up for work are infuriating. The problem is most frequently due to the hectic pace most of us live at, where our lives are exhausting and demanding. Work hard, play hard is a great mantra while we are young, but lack of sleep can be really damaging to our mental and physical health, mainlining coffee is only going to get you so far through the day after all!

The Sleep Tight collection from the Sranrom Urban Wellness range is specifically designed to help soothe away the feelings of tension and anxiety, which are most commonly attributed to sleeping problems. The Sranrom range was developed by two young Thai women who grew up in homes where traditional Thai knowledge and herbal antidotes were integrated in all aspects of daily life.  All the products are made in Thailand integrating the ancient philosophies of well-being and using the highest quality, natural ingredients.  The Sleep Tight collection incorporates the aroma of white champaca and ylang ylang flowers in a range of bath and body products.  When combined with some simple relaxation techniques you will find yourself drifting off in no time…zzzzz