When I wake up for work in the morning I tend to suffer from bags under my eyes – or as my charming mother likes to call them - suitcases. So before I leave the house for work I usually head out for some fresh air with my adorable miniture schnauzer in the hope that it will plump up my drab skin and revitalise my eyes. However, neither this nor an energising facial scrub has the desired affect I’m after, and short of applying copious amounts of Touch Eclat, there seems to be little else I can do in order to target the under eye area effectively. Then I came across eyeSlices, a cooling gel slice that comes in 4 varieties; InVogue Eyes for tiredness and redness, Candy Eyes to target fine lines and wrinkles, Legendary Eyes for puffiness and dark circles (my slice of choice) and Happy Eyes for those suffering with allergies.

Thankfully they require much less effort than a dog walk at dawn – so I simply relaxed and placed the oval gels over my eyes. The effect was immediate, and the gel gave an incredible cooling sensation to my tired eyes – which really is the ultimate in relaxation. Five minutes is enough to both feel and see a difference but I certainly didn’t object to keeping them on for longer. I felt so much more awake whilst travelling to work and the dark cirlces were certainly less noticeable - let’s see if my mother notices!

eyeSlices can be purchased online here from £13.35 a pair.