Cnaan Cosmetics

Picture the scene; Sunday 8am – the morning after the night before, and a night and a half it was. I stumble, bleary–eyed to the bathroom and am confronted with a bit of a train wreck. My hair has transformed from a sleek up-do to what I can only describe as dreadlocks, my previously glowing, dewy skin is now a sorry shade of grey, with residues of last night’s make up thrown in for good measure. Oh, and my fake tan has gone patchy. My skin is in desperate need of some serious TLC – and good old fashioned soap and water just ain’t going to cut it. Lucky for me I’ve come across a fantastic brand called Cnaan Cosmetics– whose organic products are paraben and paraffin-free and should certainly help my quest for revitalized and nutured skin. First stop was my face, so I used their facial exfoliating gel – which has a natural infusion of bee propolis and organic green tea – to wash away last night’s grime. I only needed a really small amount – because all the ingredients are natural it makes them more potent, meaning a little goes a long way. Unlike a lot of exfoliants, this one is gel based; making for a very gentle scrub and it leaves my skin bright and refreshed, but not red-raw, as some of them do.

Next I try their delicious strawberry and vanilla peeling sorbet, rich in essential oils including peppermint, borage and rosemary, which certainly smelt good enough to eat. I use it all over my body, paying particular attention to elbows and knees, both of which are often the worst culprits of dodgy fake tan. After rinsing it off my skin feels super-clean, nourished and is, thankfully, streak-free. I finish off with the gorgeous vanilla, patchouli and lavender shea butter. The shea butter is rich without being greasy and has an array of benefits including skin softening, protection from the harmful effects of UV rays, reducing stretch marks and cell renewal. With its rich blend of botanicals and essential oils, this really is a super-food for your skin, and left mine feeling butter-soft. The fusion of goodness contained within each and every one of Cnaan’s fantastic range makes them a real must-have for anyone wanting to indulge their skin – and with a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not happy – what’s not to love?!