Foodie Wonderland

Brick Lane has long been known for its kaleidoscope of culinary delights, from bagels to Bengali cuisine through to every type of curry imaginable. And this weekend will further prove Brick Lane’s credentials as a discerning foodie’s paradise when The Old Truman Brewery, best known for holding a vibrant market for up-and-coming designers, opens its doors to the rather exotic Experimental Food Society.

Founded by Alexa Perrin in 2010, whose love for food and drink inspired its inception, The Experimental Food Society was formed to showcase the UK’s most talented culinary creatives, and aims to challenge peoples’ perception of food as more than just something edible. This weekend’s Spectacular, with a whole host of exhibitions, promises to be a feast for all senses and will celebrate food as an art form. Once home to London’s oldest brewery, The Old Truman Brewery is East London’s revolutionary arts and media centre; and thus the ideal vehicle for the Experimental Food Society’s fusion of art and food.

With an awe-inspiring assemblage of jellymongers, sonic food artists, one-of-a-kind dining conceptualists, cake sculptors, food landscape artists and food magicians to name but a few, all tastes will be catered for and this annual edible exhibition really is a must-see for any foodie worth their weight in white truffles.

So leave behind your preconceptions of food this weekend and allow the Experimental Food Society members to delight your senses and inspire you with their extraordinary talents, showing you the culinary industry as you have never seen it before.

The exhibition is open from 11 until 6 on Saturday and from 7 until 11 on Sunday for a special banquet.