Tattoo Temptation...

I got my first tattoo when I was 19, my second when I was 20, my third when I was 21 and my fourth, and thus far final, when I was 22. Evidently, they can be a rather addictive habit, one with the very dangerous consequence of looking somewhat less sophisticated than one would hope when ripening into the feared old age.

I frequently suffer from body art envy with the infiltration of tattooed celebs in the media – from Sienna Miller’s stars to Scarlett Johansson’s quirky design on her forearm, I’ve had to talk myself out of a fifth addition on a number of occasions.

Thankfully a fabulous alternative is now available for anyone who like me, wants a new tattoo with neither the needles nor the commitment. Unlike the temporary tattoos of the nineties, which often came free with Smash Hits! or Just 17 and included barcodes and slogans, Skin Art Temporary Tattoos allow individuals to create iconic looks inspired by their favourite celebrities. With designs including stars, hearts and swallows, there’s an ink for every whim. Lasting up to 5 days, they’re the perfect way of adding a subtle change to your look, without the added life-long regret!

And for the more daring types, Skin Art also has a fabulous limited edition Glitter Tattoo Kit, with everything needed to create a more elaborate result.

Skin Art Celebrity Inspired Temporary Tattoos and Glitter Tattoos are available from Boots, and Amazon; prices start at £8.