Give a Dog a Home!

Accompanying Amazing PR’s mascot – Tibetan Spaniel Mojai – to the Vet’s, is always an interesting experience. Thankfully the lovely people at Roehampton Veterinary Clinic always make Mojai’s visits to Richard Bleckman, head surgeon, as pain-free as possible, for both Mojai and ourselves! And so, the other week, while idling away the time with said dog, who was doing his usual angst fuelled puffing and panting in the waiting room, with a lot of fuss over a teeny weeny jab, I got talking to an extraordinary woman called Trudie James, founder of dog charity Doris Banham Dog Rescue.

Set up in memory of her Mother, the ethos of the charity will always be rooted in Trudie’s lifelong conviction that all life is special – including that of dogs. What I didn’t previously realise was that council pounds are able to euthanase a dog after only seven days if it hasn’t been reclaimed by its owner. Therefore a much loved pet lost in the park could be put to sleep after just one week if their owner did not manage to locate the pound they had been taken to and reclaim them in time. And when you take into consideration the vast amount – tens of thousands in fact, of dogs that are stolen each year often and end up in council pounds; it paints a pretty bleak picture for a lot of beloved pets.

Thus, Doris Banham Dog Rescue makes exhaustive effort to save the lives of lots of dogs who are needy, disorientated, scared and living in difficult conditions.

The charity relies solely on donations and grants, of which 100% are spent on saving dogs. This demands dedication, patience, resources and a wonderful team of committed volunteers, all of whom pay their own expenses. Since its conception, the Doris Banham Dog Rescue has rescued more than ten thousand dogs, and would save so many more if funding allowed. To emphasise our support for what we believe is a truly worthy cause, Amazing PR will make a donation for every new follower we get on either Facebook or Twitter during the month of November. So join us in helping to support this dedicated charity’s fantastic work.

For more information on the Doris Banham Dog Rescue or to make a donation yourself, visit their website.