The Signature Melt Massage at Blue Harbour Spa in Chelsea

Feeling  a bit nippy? Why not warm up with a melted candle massage at Wyndham Grand London’s brand new Blue Harbour Spa?

Against a backdrop of chilled out music and glowing aromatherapy candles, the star of the show is a Yon-Ka candle.  The therapist massages this magical mixture of melting shea butter, Petigrain, Lavender and Vervain on to your skin, cocooning your feet in the silky “wax” before working the rest of your body.  The treatment can be personally tailored too, to help take care of niggly problems like an unaligned back or sore neck and shoulders.

It's quite possibly the best "lie down-pick me up" around this winter season, but maybe it should come with a warning - you may have trouble leaving the massage bed! Luckily there’s a relaxation area with loungers and low lighting where you can sip cups of warm ginger tea and nibble at chocolates while you gently return to planet earth. Before venturing out into the big wide world again you will be presented with – a lovely touch - your very own Quintessence Yon-Ka candle to take home.

The Signature Melt Massage (75 bliss-inducing minutes/£90).