Lift your mood with a little Abahna


Abahna is a quintessentially luxury British brand. Founded and run by Ed and Claire Croft, Abahna is a family run business and together the couple are passionate about sourcing natural ingredients and creating products that enhance your mood. It is definitely one my very favourite discoveries and hopefully it will become one of yours too.  All the products beautifully packaged and smell quietly literally as though they are ‘heaven scent’.

I find it very difficult to pick a favourite from the range of the four fragrances Mandarin and Sicilian Bergamot  (Uplifting), Lilac Rose and Geranium (Relaxing), White Grapefruit and May Chang (Refreshing), and the Frangipani and Orange Blossom (Soothing).

However, as we are all currently huddled up in the office at the Amazing Blog  looking out at rather bleak and grey London skies, we are definitely  in need of something to cheer us up.  So for now, my choice of Abahna fragrance has to be the delicious, warming and vibrant scents of the Frangipani and Orange Blossom Room Spray  (even Mojai the office dog gets a squirt!)  Out of all the essential oils Frangipani is probably the most uplifting with its heady aroma but when combined with the gentle orange blossom it blends to make a very special soothing scent. In a former life, I interviewed several esteemed massage therapists who told me that Frangipani essential oil is commonly used by many massage therapists in hospices to help give their patients a great feeling of euphoria. Interestingly, they classify it as their 'giggle juice'. Anyway, we are all now wafting in this wonderful mood-enhancing room spray, evocative of blue skies with racing clouds and lush green summer pastures. So roll on Spring!