Feed Your Skin

As someone who more than occasionally splurges on expensive beauty products and spa treatments, I am always eager to find new brands and solutions that make my skin feel amazing.  And while taking care of my skin can often take a lot of time and money, the right products can make a world of difference.  Having read enough articles by doctors and scientists in support of the theory that natural products are best, I have become a avid believer in taking an all-natural stance in regards to what I put on my skin.

Recently I was lucky enough to try a few products from a natural skin care company called Suti.  Especially life-changing was their Cleanse Organic Balm that contains Avocado, Sunflower, and Apricot and smells just as amazing as it feels. This luxurious balm is meant to be gently massaged onto the face followed by the application of a warm washcloth which sits on the face for a few minutes.  Without going to a spa, this rich and invigorating balm made me feel as though I was indulging in my own at-home spa treatment.  After rinsing the balm, I then applied Suti’s Rejuvenating Oil and was again calmed and refreshed by both the lovely scent and the instant hydration.  Unlike other facial oils I have used that can clog pores and leave heavy residues, it was silky and weightless, and absorbed immediately.  Needless to say my face felt amazing and these products at once became a staple in my skin care regime.

Suti’s motto 'feed your skin' is a perfect description of what their products promise.  Without a pricey trip to the spa, Suti brings the spa experience to you with all-natural, vitamin-rich, and scrumptious indulgences in a luxurious line that caters to all skin types.  I love these products and am already planning what to try next! Facial Oil: £28, Cleansing Balm: £26.