Great British Grub!

We all hear about the history and events in the England but we never look at an in depth look on the important part of every life present and past, food. Finally there is a well written book that takes history and food and puts them together for a wonderful description of our counties past and present favourite meals and how they came to be.

A History of English Food by Clarissa Dickson Wright is a detailed historic description of how and why our country decided to eat certain meals beginning in the 12th century. Have you ever wondered what caused our ancestor’s to eat Preserved Quince or Pease-Porridge? Or wonder how Indian curry came to our country? Or maybe simply how they fixed such extravagant meals without microwaves and electricity? Well then you need to grab a copy and learn the history behind one of the most overlooked parts of our culture.

Wright has a wonderfully amusing way of telling these stories about English history while also drawing from her unique personal experiences so you never feel like your reading a factual book. She keeps every story in her own voice so it stays upbeat and interesting. Wright never misses a beat as she describes the delicious food that goes hand and hand with English history. Her passion for food is a vital part of this informative yet enthralling tale of English food. It will forever be a classic must read for every English food enthusiast.

My favourite part of the book is that after you learn about the food and the history and why everything is so delectable, you get to try making them yourself. She has listed numerous recipes that are mentioned in the book that you can try for your own. It brings a whole new method to reading! Read a chapter then cook a recipe to try it! What could be better than that?!