A new perspex-tive!

At Amazing PR we’ve recently become a rather overcrowded office, particularly with our new additions to the team. To be quite frank, it has become a big jumble of desks, chairs, and press samples with the added ‘spaghetti’ of a zillion computer cables. I’ve been trying to work out the best way to make us look less cluttered… which is no mean feat! Then I spotted Self and Hale. Ah ha this truly could the answer to my prayers – an entire range of elegant and stylish furniture all in Perspex®

And what a fabulous idea – brilliant ‘see through’ furniture in stylish lines with a touch of the traditional period - echoing designs from Shakers to William and Mary. Unlike other Perspex® furniture companies theirs is not too minimal or contemporary and will fit beautifully into any home that has more of a retro antique look rather than a modern loft feel. With exceptional attention to detail, the highly skilled team can create pieces seamlessly that are over 1000mm in thickness. Exceeding the ordinary, they dedicate themselves to the highest finishing standards using noteworthy techniques from diamond polishing to completely clear acrylic bonding.

In addition to which Self & Hale do some incredible bespoke design work and for the past ten years, in addition to establishing their own collections, they have worked with clients on individual commissions and projects. Having spent over 200 hours to complete a single piece of bespoke furniture, the passionate craftsmen at Self & Hale thrive on the opportunity to be able to spend the necessary hours making each piece beautiful.

Self & Hale are proud to carry the endorsement of the trademark in recognition of our status as specialist designers and manufacturers of Perspex® furniture.

So if you have a clear ‘perspective’ of what you want - frankly the sky’s the limit!