Go Green!

So it’s another grey Monday in January and having spent much of yesterday in bed suffering after a very heavy night out, I’m still in recovery mode. Like most days, I have an afternoon lull around 4 o’clock where I crave sugar, caffeine, and anything else that will get me through the next two hours until home time. And while it’s tempting to reach for a hot cup of sweet tea and a chocolate biscuit, the sugar high is soon followed by a surging low.

When we’re feeling tired or in need of an energy boost, what our body is in need of is a whole load of nutrients – and pronto! And while it isn’t always easy to fit the recommended five-a-day into our daily diets, taking a natural supplement can do our bodies the world of good.

Thankfully, I recently came across Nature Complete’s Chlorella & Spirulina 2-in-1 which is a fab way of upping your energy levels. Chlorella (a green-celled alga) and Spirulina (a blue-green alga) contain a wide range of nutrients including Magnesium – which is needed by the body to turn food into energy -  Iron and Protein, both of which are needed to produce energy. The Organic food supplement also contains Chlorophyll, a substance thought to flush out fatigue-causing toxins from the body. The supplement is so nutrient dense that just 1g contains a similar amount of vitamins and minerals as 1000g of most fruit and vegetables.

Added to fruit juice or a healthy smoothie, Nature Complete’s Organic supplement may not be as sweet as a stack of Custard Creams – but it’s infinitely better for you. Go green this year with Nature Complete.