You might be surprised to hear that even men want to look after themselves. Even though I’m only in my late 20’s I’m becoming more and more conscious of the need to start taking care of myself – let’s call it my ‘investment’ for the future. I do get teased by some of my peers but I don’t care – I know I’ll be the one having the last laugh. After all, your appearance is the first thing you’re judged on, so you might as well take some time to look after it.

Therefore I’m sure that it’ll come as no surprise, particularly considering the rise in the male grooming market, to find out that a lot of men are also willing to part with their cash on products that promise benefits and miracles. I recently had the opportunity to try a brand called VitaMan (courtesy of those lovely girls at The Amazing Blog) which offers ‘Spa Treatments’ but in the privacy of your home. These are tailored specifically for men only – sorry, girls - hand off! And as I'm currently commuting between both Rome and London – two  relatively polluted cities, I am on the constant look out for a portable multi-tasking grooming products (travelling Ryan Air dontcha know!) Could the Vitaman Face & Body Cleanser be the answer to my prayers?

Vitaman Face & Body Cleanser is a natural, plant-derived moisturising cleanser with anti-bacterial plant extracts that helps prevent any skin irritations and leaves the skin feeling super clean and moisturised. Free of harsh chemical cleansing agents, it is formulated using unique Plant Extracts such as Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel and Lemon Myrtle and ingredients such as Sea Salts are a natural way of drawing out toxins from the skin and help to exfoliate the build up dead skin cells. It has a fresh fragrance, a sort of zingy, citrus aroma, that reminds me of an exotic paradise… So that’s a good start.

I’ve been using Vitaman Face & Body Cleanser for the past week and I’m impressed. I’ll definitely buy more and I’d happily consider the rest of  VitaMan  body or face range which consists of men’s daily shaving, skin, hair and anti-aging products.

Launched in 1999, VitaMan today provides high end spas globally with over 20 professional treatment products and 6 Male-specific de-stressing and rejuvenating spa treatments, as well as their 35 retail take-home products (that’s what I tried). What makes VitaMan‘s range really unique is the use of ancient Australian indigenous plant, fruit and herbal extracts which are considered to have beneficial properties. I’ve finally found a great new travel companion with Vitaman Face & Body Cleanser £27.50  for 250ml - I hope this will be the beginning of a long lasting relationship.