Sultanesque - My Turkish Delight

I always get very excited when I make a new discovery… and this month it’s the fabulous Sultanesque.  Recently whilst idly wandering around the Ideal Home Show - yes I know, not very me but was there purely to satisfy my sad addiction to gadgets - a small jewellery stand close to one of the stages caught my eye.  There’s nothing like a bit of twinkle and shimmer to draw me in to take a closer look. This is where I met the two young designers Havva and Berrin who are the founders of the newly launched Sultanesque. They are indeed the purveyors of the finest and most affordable contemporary handcrafted Ottoman jewellery. These two Turkish friends formed an alliance in 2011 in order to follow their passion for jewellery making. Thus they’ve combined their creativity and vision to produce these authentic statement pieces. Each of the items is traditionally made by special workshops in Turkey.  A favourite with The Amazing Blog are the rings that are made using bronze that is then hand plated with 22 carat gold and  have  either three or four large semi-precious stones  from just £30 (very YSL catwalk a/w 12 we think!). I bought the Aydan Three-in-One Rings which are crafted from 925 Silver, with white zirconia and semi- precious stones. These fit snuggly as either all three rings together or can be worn separately and for such well-constructed rings, they’re an absolute steal at £45. Ahem… and my purchases didn’t stop there, I couldn’t resist the real freshwater pearl Vahideh Bracelet with its intricate design great attention to detail; a stunning clasp fashioned in bronze then hand plated with 22 carat gold, with semi-precious stones all of which gave it a truly vintage feel. And with the temptation of yet another exceptional price-point from Sultanesque at an astonishing £55 for this finely crafted item – it was a done deal. All pieces are limited so don’t wait too long to purchase. Best of all you’re not going to find yourself wearing the same jewellery item as your peers (i.e. you know, like from that well-known emporium Top****).