HYG Toothbrush

There are certain features on other people that you cannot help but notice immediately. Some people say they notice someone's eyes first, others say their hair, but to me the first thing I notice is other’s teeth and smile. Since I realize that I always take notice of people's teeth, I am always conscious of my own teeth. I am constantly searching for the perfect toothbrush and toothpaste. I love having that fresh from the dentist feel after I brush my teeth. I was recommended the hyG toothbrush by a colleague at The Amazing Blog is and having been using it for a while now my usual toothbrush certainly doesn't compare!  This toothbrush is said to reduce plaque up to 48 percent more effectively and the main reason it's so effective is because it breaks the electrostatic bond between teeth and plaque. Teeth are naturally negatively charged while plaque has a positive polarity and since teeth and plaque have opposing polarities, they are attracted to each other. However when the hyG toothbrush is used on your teeth, your teeth then become positively charged. This causes both your teeth and plaque to have a positive polarity, which results in them repelling each other and the plaque is then attracted to the bristle of the brush. The science behind this toothbrush truly makes it one-of-a-kind.

After using this toothbrush you'll really notice a difference in your teeth;  achieving that straight from the dentist feel. Ever since I began using this toothbrush I have noticed a real difference in my own teeth. They feel smooth and polished. Being constantly mindful of my teeth, I often search for the best toothbrush and I believe that I found it in the hyG brush.  My teeth are much healthier and look better than ever before. I find myself constantly smiling now that I use the hyG toothbrush. Don't just take my word for this amazing product but go and experience the difference yourself and pick up a hyG toothbrush from John Bell and Croyden.