Proud Cabaret Camden

All too often clubs in London are painfully similar, complete with strobe lights, sticky dance floors and the same songs on repeat. So if you’re like me, you’re always up for trying something new and most importantly fun. So if you’re looking for an extravagant and glamorous night, The Amazing Blog has found the place for you. Always an area for innovation and creativity, it should come as no surprise that Camden has got itself a new gallery and music venue: the Proud Cabaret Camden. This new performance space has recently been revamped, and oozes the sophistication of legendary Cabaret clubs.

The recently renovated space is seamlessly decorated with blood red velvet curtains, gold chandeliers, silk balloon lanterns, and a 30 ft hand painted gold trellis; the perfect setting for an evening of luxury. This truly lavish venue is host to a variety of different acts from the UK and beyond, exclusive to the Proud Cabaret. With all sorts of acts performing acts ranging from scandalous to touching, at Proud Camden you can be sure to find something that takes your fancy.

The Proud Cabaret Camden is one of many Proud Cabarets across the UK, with locations in Brighton and the City. Founder Alex Proud is one of the leaders of the Cabaret scene across the UK, and is dedicated to giving audiences an authentic and unique experience. So if you want a break from the norm and an evening of opulence, head down to the Proud Cabaret, you won’t be disappointed.