Food For Thought

Feeling a bit run down at the moment? Us too, so to ward off our winter sniffles one of the Amazing PR team has been dosing us up with Vital Greens her ‘wonder supplement’. She credits her seemly total immunity to the flu and colds that are floating around at this time of year to Vital Greens, as well as extolling its further virtues in her increased energy levels and generally happy, clappy outlook on life. Bitter? Us? Vital Greens contains 76 all-natural, certified organic ingredients designed to optimise health, energy and vitality. This all-in-one “superfood” claims to work as a “detoxifier, cleanser, energiser, alkaliser, well-being promoter and mental acuity sharpener” – wowzer!

Vital Greens promotes alkalinity which is said to make you feel more “balanced and alive.”. Our Vital Greens fan boasts a very alkaline body state, as she discovered when she got all sciency with a litmus test. This high alkalinity helps to balance us when we don’t get our daily quota of fruit and veg and, though we can’t condone going overboard on the sherries, it is great for balancing the acidic state of a hangover.

Downsides are that it is not exactly delicious, stirred into a mixer of your choice it somewhat resembles pondwater, but we bravely hold our noses and drink it down. And the benefits? Well, we’ve been taking Vital Greens religiously every morning for a week now and have already noticed we are feeling more sprightly and bouncy, even in the afternoon lull when we usually start getting grouchy and craving a sugar hit. Oh, and though we can’t say we actually look forward to taking it, the flavour does become more bearable over time.

And it’s not only humans who can enjoy the benefits of this superfood… a certain spoilt Tibetan spaniel here at the office has also been reaping the benefits of Vital Greens which is added to his food 2-3 times a week.

This plan for healthy living should ideally be supported with lots of healthy and organic food; we’d like our food sans the nasty chemicals please, and we would prefer it didn’t have to take a transatlantic flight to appear on our plates. But like all of us you probably don’t have the time, or powers of organisation, to buy all local, organic and in season – those farmers markets’ hours are not nearly as convenient as the Sainsburys Local.

Well, no need to fret, because the lovely people at Abel and Cole have taken all of the hard work out of it for you. They will deliver the best seasonal and organic food to your door on a weekly basis. Their fruit and veg boxes are perfectly put together to tailor to the size and specifications of your household. Not a fan of beetroot, or have a bit of an orange phobia? (seriously, my boyfriend actually does)...well Able and Cole make sure the offending item never appears in your box and will replace it with something more to your liking. Though it is not just fruit and veg boxes, Able and Cole could take charge of your whole weekly shop should you wish. Offering everything from organic meat, fish and dairy through to soups and prepared meals (calling them a ready meal would be a bit of an insult we feel), kitchen cupboard essentials and even organic wines and ciders.

The thing we love most about Able and Cole, apart from their scrummy food natch, is the complete dedication to their ethos. With strawberries available all year round and ‘new season’ lamb always on our shelves, many people don’t recognise what is in season when. This is a real shame as food eaten in its proper season tastes so much better. Able and Cole do source some of their products from Europe and internationally to fill the gaps when our farmers are between harvests, but they never, ever air freight and their first choice will always be small-scale, specialist, British suppliers. They are dedicated to keeping their packaging to a minimum and experimenting with new, green ways to power their vans. Oh, AND they are passionate about animal welfare, could they get any lovlier?!

This is one health kick we might keep up...