How often do try a new shampoo and think “If only it could smell a bit more like my favourite scent," or “Why can’t it also enhance my hair colour too…”  Well, you don't have to dream anymore – enter  Concoction whose ‘Science meets Glamour Mixology’ mixes your hair preferences to create your own personal hair product.  This is the latest brainwave created by Alex Epstein (a courageous ex-Apprentice) who has cleverly seen a niche in the haircare marketplace. I briefly caught up with Alex at a recent iFabbo Conference, which he also attended.  Alex kindly asked me what I wanted from a shampoo and promised to ‘Concoct’  me a very special formula to meet my needs… I could hardly wait! My Concoction had to meet several criteria: to be able to enrich my brunette hair type, offer nourishment as well as good protection from the dreaded hair straightener, and not to mention I can't stand that artificial floral smell that is used to fragrance many of the high street brands.  A tall order?  Perhaps, but if you don’t ask you don’t get! A few days later my order arrived in Bakhour Fragrance (hint of sandalwood, ambergris and musk), with Beautiful Brunette Serum (with natural walnut extract as colour enhancer), and Thermo Straight Super Serum (heat activated thermo-polimers which protect heat damage as well as aloe and cucumber giving extra hydration). I've been using this Concoction shampoo for nearly two weeks and I notice two things in particular, one  that my hair is smoother (hardly need my Tangle Teezer) and two that it’s glossier. On a more practical level it works really well with my existing conditioner (Ojon).

Concoction is available from £12.50 (free UK P&P) for 250ml which includes two shots and fragrance, it is also paraben & silicone free.  I will definitely reorder and I certainly can’t wait for the launch of their conditioner - the combination of the two products will be sure to go above and beyond my expectations as well!