Royal Style

Here at The Amazing Blog we're a very style conscious bunch, and if there's one thing we've learned over our combined fashion mishaps, it's that classic style never goes out of fashion. So with this in mind, we always have our new style icon Kate Middleton to steer our wardrobes from Primark to Princess, and the book Royal Style by Luise Wackerl has every fashionable young royal from recent history to reference. This beautifully compiled book is not just full of pictures but insights into each royal. With each picture comes historical and social context, proving time and time again how classic style transcends eras. Ever since Grace Kelly glided into royalty, the world has looked to royals (well, some) for classic fashion, after all, who better to dress like than a princess! From Marie Antoinette, to Princess Diana, to our beloved Duchess of Cambridge, Royal Style encapsulates each of their styles, their similarities and their differences. The book is perfect for fashionistas and royal-watchers alike, you don't need to have an extensive knowledge of either to enjoy the collection.

So whether you're looking for a gift for a fashionable friend, or a stylish book to have on your coffee table, the Royal Style book is sure to impress. Available from Amazon.