A Body Oil That’s Good Enough to Eat

It's so refreshing to review a beauty product that has just one ingredient – yes, just one: Organic Golden Camellia oil. And let me tell you that this one ingredient has a myriad of uses - in my view it’s truly a wonder oil! Seven years ago whilst travelling in Japan, I was wowed by their home grown camellia oil. For the uninitiated, camellia oil (also commonly known as tsubaki or tea seed oil) is a non-toxic and non-allergenic oil that is also edible. Manufactured by hand using a traditional cold press technique, it is a pure unscented oil that has been used to protect, nourish and moisturise skin and hair for as long as the oil has existed. Think  Sumo wrestlers with their glossy black manes pulled tightly into a topknot (set with Camellia oil); or the Samurai warriors wielding their elegant shiny swords who used this oil to protect their blades without damaging the wooden scabbards.

However, back to the present, when Organic Golden Camellia arrived at The Amazing Blog I was excited to introduce it to my fellow work mates.  They loved it. It has little to no fragrance; it applies with ease onto the skin and is instantly absorbed - like butter melting into a crumpet! It feels light and moisturising leaving only the slightest shimmery residue and a little goes a long way – so perfect for enhancing that hard earned British suntan.  What I must add about this particular Organic Golden Camellia oil is that it's so pure – you can actually eat it! It is recommended for both mother and baby as along with its high nutrient and non-pore blocking composition it makes it ideal for use as a baby massage oil. Also not forgetting to mention that it has no added Vitamin E (be warned others do…!)

This oil is made exclusively from the Camellia Oleifera (the highest grade camellia seed) which is reflected in its price point of £24.99 We are obviously in good company thinking that this Organic Golden Camellia oil is very special as Natural Health Magazine recently quoted it as their ‘Must Buy’. So what are you waiting for, pick up some Organic Golden Camellia!