Mojai gets his rocks off!

It’s very hard to keep a nice lush looking garden when you have an elderly fluffy dog who likes nothing better than to spend hours having a potter. Mojai (fellow team member of The Amazing Blog) just loves to snuffle and truffle in and amongst the flower beds ‘marking his territory’ as he goes. Thus all my hard work primping and preening my postage stamp sized garden goes completely to waste... After a long conversation with a trusty friend (and dog owner), about Mojai peeing on and killing all members of plant life in the garden; she then enlightened me with her secret Dog Rocks.

Dog Rocks? How interesting, but how could some simple stones thrown into the dog’s water bowl really help my scorched grass and plants? Dog Rocks are 100% natural and are mined in Australia. The purpose of the rocks is to filter out impurities from the dog’s urine, such as tin, ammonia and nitrates, which are responsible for ‘burning’ the grass when the dog pees on it. Each pack has approximately 2/3 stones in it, and after giving the stones a little rinse, they are placed in the dog’s water bowl. The stones last up to 2 months, then they need to be replaced. Marvellously easy! Yes and they do make a difference, but at £10 a pack they’re a bit of a commitment. But if you’re a pet owner and like me you do battle to try and keep a green and fragrant garden – then these Dog Rocks are definitely for you. Available here.