Palm & Sole

For me there is nothing better than to find beauty products that help boost confidence and inspire. As regular readers of TheAmazingBlog  will know, we always like to champion smaller natural beauty brands. So we were only too happy discover a new skincare range from Palm & Sole. This brand was launched in November 2011 by the Norfolk Aromatherapist/Complementary therapist Kathy Webb. These products are all handcrafted and only uses raw plant oils, butters Vitamin E and pure aromatic essential oils.

There are five skincare collections from Palm & Sole: Three Rose, Grounding, Levelling, Sparkling and Nurturing.  The idea was to create a versatile skincare range allowing the user to mix and match from each of these collections, as cleverly they all work in harmony with each other. My personal favourite is Palm & Sole Intense Balm from the Grounding collection, this is to ‘Calm and Relax’ – making it perfect for my stressful lifestyle! I’ve actually been using it as a multi-purpose balm on my lips as well as massaging it into my hands and nail beds. In fact, my nails have never been so healthy or grown so quickly. This balm contains some of my favourite ingredients:  frankincense, patchouli and a hint of ginger all in pure beeswax. There are no bulking agents or fillers added making these little gems great value for money with a little going a long way.  We think that Palm & Sole offers something for everyone, the ‘Calm & Relax’ balm is  £13 and comes in a 30ml pot and I have to say that mine has certainly lasted and lasted.