All Yours Rice Crisp Clusters

So if like us at The Amazing Blog, you cherish your snack time and have a good thought on what goes with your tea; or even if you're stuck in a rut and are in need of something new that's tasty as well as healthy, we definitely recommend All Yours Rice Crisp Clusters. Pop them in your bag and try them whenever you want - for breakfast, for lunch or between classes. These Rice Crisp Clusters are the perfect on the go snack with only 99 calories per bag. These nutritionally balanced snacks come in three delicious flavours - each pack contains cereal based bitesized clusters, packed with either cranberries or blueberries, smothered in yogurt or dark chocolate coating. My personal favourite were the Cranberry and Oats covered in Yogurt Coating, and paired with my favourite tea, I had the perfect mid-afternoon snack. My colleagues at The Amazing Blog prefer to have this All Yours Rice Crisps Clusters mixed with their yogurt as a creamy and sweet dessert.

All Yours Rice Crisps Clusters are widely available in SPAR . If you're having trouble finding these tasty snacks in your local shop, contact All Yours through or give them a call to +44(0) 2887789338.