Cosmetofruit Chile

It’s no news that at The Amazing Blog we’re obsessed with skincare and ingredients. As beauty junkies we’re always on the hunt for new revolutionary products that would dismiss our latest purchases (even though we have our staple favourites…) – if there is a brand that has stood out the most for us for the last couple of months, that is Cosmetofruit and their Beauty Drinkable Elixirs. Will these Dietary Supplements be the future of skincare acting like “youth elixirs”? These Cosmetofruit elixirs are concentrated phyto-nutrients for specific health and beauty effects. Phyto-nutrients are derived from plants (Greek word “phyto” means “plant”), their role is to prevent plants from disease, insects, possible injuries, ultraviolet rays and poisons in the air and soil. Phyto-nutrients are part of the plants’ immune system. Cosmetofruit claims to boost wellness, fight free-radicals, repair skin and delay signs of aging from within. Each of these three formulas have been designed to perform over a specific cosmetic requirement – “Face Antiaging Defense”, “Luxurious Hair and Nails” and “Total Body Booster”.

At The Amazing Blog we’ve found ourselves taking a dose (with the Cosmetofruit’s 4 ml spoon) of these elixirs on a daily basis before having breakfast; and all we can say is that the intense and delicious berry taste first thing in the morning made us feel fantastic. These concentrates taste like pure berries - intense and very natural.

Cosmetofruit Chile can be purchased at SpakeNK, Michael John, Fenwick BondStreetCosmetics.