Balaton Spa Face Mask

Here at The Amazing Blog we love when we find pure products that are natural and really improve the look and feel of our skin. We have come across a line of products from Balaton Spa that are truly amazing. Ingredients coming from the rare Moorland Areas in Europe, these products are rich in all natural herbs and plants which have been decomposed over time. These essential ingredients are therapeutic and are what make this collection of spa products truly unique. Most of their products include ingredients that are 100% natural from the earth or water. White Water Lily, Camomile, Shea Butter, and Lemon Grass are just a few. Our personal favourite from their collection is Balaton Spa’s Face Mask. This unique mask is 100% natural. It deep cleanses, purifies, and refines your skin. You will see and feel the difference even after the first application. It leaves you feeling like you just had a facial at the spa, but for a margin of the cost. The mask is suitable for any skin type, even sensitive skin. We tried a fabulous morning routine using this face mask that has turned into a bi-weekly ritual. Apply the mask first thing in the morning, then brush your teeth for 3 minutes, jump in the shower, and wash the mask off. If you do this 3 times a week for the first week and then twice weekly, you are guarenteed to have amazing results.

The Amazing Blog also loves Balaton Spa’s travel bag and products. Appealing to men and women, the travel bag contains six products that are perfect to travel with. It includes a 25g Cleansing Bar which can be used as shaving cream or soap; a 20ml face mask; a 50ml bottle of Cleansing & Toning Lotion presented in a spray bottle, which can keep you cool by spraying over your face with a refreshing Lemon and Lime fragrance; a 20ml jar of face cream, the finishing touch to this facial regiment; 50ml bottles of body wash and lotion are included as well. You cannot go wrong with any of these products.

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