NU Vitality's EnergyMel

Feeling stressed or under the weather after Christmas? Boost your energy and support your immune system with help from EnergyMel, a new natural supplement made from honey. We at The Amazing Blog are always looking for products that will help boost our immune systems and even give us a lift of energy during those stressful work days. We love Nu Vitality’s EnergyMel because not only is it all natural, but we think that it works! These bees are fed a diet of powerful plants with known nutrients that help to enhance their honey and so when eaten it goes on to energise you. The active ingredients of the botanicals are intensified by the adding of enzymes in the hive. Along with the honey the bees produce, these ingredients combine to form the most natural supplement that contains healing health benefits of the individual herbs.

Some of the botanicals used in this miracle supplement are Panax Ginseng, Broadleaf Plantain, and American Spikenard. Panax Ginseng, (important in Chinese medicine), this first plant helps the body better cope with change and also helps stimulate the body. Thus aiding in the the immune system and recovery of illness. The second plant Broadleaf Plantain, commonly used as a battlefield wound healer, boosts the immune system and treats infection. And finally the third plant, American Spikenard, is renowned for its detoxifying properties. These three ingredients, along with a few others, help give EnergyMel the amazing benefits it contains.

Just one teaspoonful of EnergyMel twice a day gives an all around boost for those of you leading busy lives. This supplement will help reduce fatigue and improve resilience. It is also beneficial for people recovering from illness as it helps support and quicken the healing process (I've recommended it to my neighbour who suffers from ME). The benefits of EnergyMel can be felt within only a half an hour of taking it, and it is also safe for long-term use since it is totally and utterly completely natural!

EnergyMel retails for £20.00 and is available from your local health shop or pharmacy nationwide. We at The Amazing Blog are interested in trialling this for a longer period to see the real difference, it also tastes nice too.  We hope you will like Nu Vitality’s EnergyMel too.