Our Spring Fling

Spring seems to have sprung this week, daffs are flowering in the park and with the sun finally putting in an appearance our thoughts are focused on our spring wardrobes, some very necessary spring cleaning and our (soon to be broken) Lent resolutions.

As we cleanse and clear our lives of excess baggage (and woolly jumpers), we are wondering if maybe there are a few other things we could afford to lose...? No, we aren’t talking about those extra few pounds, or the less than perfect boyfriend (well come on, the Easter egg binge will soon put back on the spare tyre and besides we feel our spring DIY plans are going to require someone who knows their way around a toolbox). We are thinking of those parts we have kept under wraps for the whole of winter and now have to begin preparing to reveal to the world again. Legs, underarms and (eeekk) bikini lines that have been largely ignored over the past few months are going to have to be prepped ready to face the world again.

We all know that taking to a razor to aforementioned areas can provide a temporary fix, but how about something a little more long-lasting? After all stubble is seriously unsexy (unless on a hot guy’s jaw line obvs). We are thinking permanent hair reduction is the way forward. Think of the amount of time you will save on shaving and trips to the waxers, not to mention the money saved over the years. Some of the traditional laser and IPL methods can be a bit limiting; no tans (real or fake)allowed and any ‘true’ blondes are going to find that these treatments will not be effective on them. So as an office with three blondes (some realer than others!)we were excited to hear our fave beauty therapist Katherine Jackson was offering a revolutionary hair reduction technique that has none of the limitations of the traditional methods.

Applisonix is the world’s first clinically proven ultrasound hair reduction system and is effective on all skin tones and hair colours, including blonde and grey. The ultrasound wave is channelled down the hair where it is transformed into thermal energy, heating the root and removing the hair. Ok science lesson over, it’s a Friday and that is about all my brain can take of the technical stuff! The procedure is totally painless and there are no restrictions on sun exposure or use of tanning products –perfect for all you tan fans!

After just two sessions with Katherine Jackson and Applisonix you will notice a big difference, with about 38% reduction in hair growth. We’re booking ourselves in in preparation for the Met Office’s ‘barbecue summer’ (seriously, how often are they going to get our hopes up with this??)...and failing that it will be good to be fuzz free for bridesmaid duties in Italy this summer.

Katherine Jackson http://www.katherinejackson.co.uk. Call up and book in for two sessions of Applisonix Hair Reduction with Katherine and receive third FREE until the end of April when mentioning Amazing PR.