New Zealand and Co.- Beech Forest Honeydew


I am sure we’ve all had those Mondays where you are just so exhausted from the weekend’s activities that you find it difficult to get through the day. You wake up feeling sluggish and in desperate need of a boost in order to keep going. We here at The Amazing Blog tend to turn to multiple cups of tea to give us the boost that we are looking for, however that is not always the best and most efficient thing to do. I have discovered something new to help give you that boost that you so desperately need after a long weekend. The New Zealand Honey Co. Beech Forest Honeydew is the perfect fix to help you perk up and get rid of that lethargic feeling early on in the work week. With a pre-biotic rating of 20+ this is the highest rated pre-biotic honey in the world. This honey helps to feed the good bacteria and help to neutralize the harmful toxins that cause you to feel so sluggish after a wild weekend with your friends. Not to mention, it helps to boost your immune system by increasing the absorption of nutrients’ and helping to prevent disease.


You can eat this honey in a variety of different ways, mixed into your food (like your morning porridge) or on its own. I chose to try this honey on it’s own before heading out to work in the morning. The honey itself has a very clean and refreshing flavour that is not too sweet at all, which is perfect for me since I don't have the biggest sweet tooth. After my commute to work I started to feel a little better than I did when I woke up this morning. My sluggish feeling was slowly starting to fade away and I started to feel like I could really start my day off right. I came into the office feeling refreshed and ready to start my week, although even with the daily spoonful of honey, I still could not give up my morning cup of tea.


You can purchase this all natural Beech Forest Honeydew honey on their website for £9.99 and it comes in both a jar or an easy to use squeezy bottle. All you need is a spoonful and that slow feeling will start to fade away and help you get ready for the long work week that is ahead.