Nephria - Jade Serum


We’ve been hearing about The Nephria Jade Serum  for quite a while and those that we spoke to alluded to it being one of the beauty industry's best kept secrets. So we at The Amazing Blog wanted to try it out for ourselves. It’s a highly concentrated serum that absorbs deeply into the skin for an apparently more intensive effect. The Serum is a multi-vitamin for the skin - nourishing, enhancing and balancing the texture. It is definitely designed to soften lines and wrinkles and also has some astonishing testimonials with before and after photos.

Everything is sourced from the Orient and there are some truly extraordinary ingredients in The Nephria Jade Serum:  Nephria Mineral Water (from the reservoir 400m under the Jade Mine in South Korea) which is unique and a very special Mineral Water;  Nephrite Jade (this simply is a micronised jade powder that helps to improve the appearance of skin by making it brighter); Natto Gum (which is the fermentation product of soy protein and has strong antioxidant properties); Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, Glycerin, Olive, Apricot and Jojoba Oils, Myrrh, Green Tea Extract, Amino Acids and Vitamin E.  However, I’m afraid that we do have some negatives on the ‘other’ ingredients as this Serum also contains a few of our personal bugbears such as: Alcohol and Parabens as well as Butylene and Proplylene Glycol – which is rather disappointing with something so very special.

This Serum is beautifully packaged in a wonderful eau de nil coloured glass bottle and coordinating box and will make a very elegant addition to any stylish bathroom or dressing table. The packaging was the first thing that caught our eye.  We pumped just a small amount of serum onto our fingertips and we instantly noticed that it had a fresh scent that was not too over powering. The white serum had a very light texture that spread easily onto the skin and is absorbed quickly. Additionally, this Jade Serum with all its ingredients will help to stimulate collagen production and thus penetrate deeper into the skin. You can purchase Nephria's Jade Serum on their website for £45 which may sound like a lot but trust me, even with regular use a little will go a very long way.