biOrganics' Hair Therapy - Salon Secret Elixir Hair Perfecting Oil

  blogIf there is anyone I trust to revive my hair back to being shiny and healthy tresses (that we all love), yes  it's that celebrity hairdresser. So when we at The Amazing Blog received biOrganics’s Salon Secret Exlicir Hair Perfecting Oil endorsed by Tim Scott Wright we were certainly interested to try it out for ourselves.

My colleague Lara has naturally dark, thick and dry hair, which she recently dip-dyed, so she was the ideal candidate to give this much- hyped product a try. The Salon Secret Elixir works to tame and nourish dull locks back into shiny and healthy waves. Lara applied the oil to her damp hair after brushing it and got great results - it smoothed her hair and gave her a good sheen. Oh and a single application also goes a very long way. We also liked the fact that this product is small and useful enough to carry around in your bag for a quick spritz.  It's made of  Organic Ylang Ylang and Argan Oil, and what Lara most liked is that the formula is light, odourless and totally natural. For those with thick dry hair, The Amazing Blog  recommends this hair perfecting oil for a quick and simple way to maintain the style and shine that we all love.

For those of you that don’t know, Tim Scott Wright he is the youngest ever 'inductee' into the British Hairdressing Hall of Fame and the Midlands Hairdresser of the Year. So as an added bonus the release of Salon Secret Exlicir also marked the release of biOgranics’ Youtube channel which is full of tutorials instructed by Tim himself. During the video, Tim shows how to use the Hair Perfecting Oil to achieve two salon-inspired looks that are fit for any catwalk. A small 12ml bottle is well-priced at £3.99 and the larger 50 ml bottle is only £12.99. Why not 'Head over' to their website to buy your own today.